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Out of My Life

We’ve been through many farewells and goodbyes
Now it’s real you can see it in my eyes,
You’re out of my life and those are not lies
After all these years, now I feel am wise.

I am over you and there’s no turning back
Am sick and tired of you because you suck,
The love I thought as strong as a rock
Had given me nothing but pure bad luck.

Now I realized I was so wrong
To have loved you all along,
In you I know I don’t belong
My love for you is never strong.

You’re out of my system and yes I’m happy
After all this time I feel so lucky,
That it’s you whom I don’t want to marry
Had I been stupid I will be in misery.


Written on March 8, 2000 by Amor

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2 thoughts on “Out of My Life

  1. shocks!!! rhyming poem… ang hirap nito…. ang alam ko 1,2 buckle my shoe… kaya buckle buckle din ako sa ingles… jajaja!!! para maiba… jejemon??//
    gawa ka kaya tula na jejemon style… un kc uso… 🙂