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Sighs of My Broken Heart

There’s something in my heart which I’m going to tell
It’s about the feelings I have long kept well,
And now that it’s time to give my explanations,
It’s also about time to release my emotions.

I have no choice but accept the reality
That you’re no longer falling for me
Though it hurts, I have to face the truth,
Forgetting you will do good to us both.

Your memories made my heart to sigh most
Everyday, they haunt me like a ghost,
They make my feelings get even worst,
As I realize you’re someone I totally lost.

When I loved you, I have no regret
The only thing is, I kept it a secret,
I didn’t show you’re someone I sympathize with,
Because being so showy is one thing I could do least.

Now, forgetting you is what I ought to do
And totally, I’ll be closing my heart to you,
It won’t be easy ‘coz you’ve been a part of me,
But I have to accept, you’re already a history.

Someday, I know I will soon recover
From the heartaches I get, so don’t you bother,
I will be over you, sooner or later,
Time will come, I will love you never.


Written on February 3, 1995 by Amor

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