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Alaska Milkmen

Alaska Milkmen Grandslam Picture

The winningest club in the PBA this century is no doubt Alaska
No need for surveys or confirmations for anyone to agree,
That it is the virtual reigning champ in the PBA
And that the 90’s dynasty belongs to Alaska.

Alaska men may have come and gone
But its philosophy, spirit and approach of the game is just the same
It seems to have solutions to carry out for every problem
Because of the Alaska formula that works in their system.

Alaska’s method is indeed deliberate and scientific
It knows what to do in a situation that is terrific,
The Milkmen stepped up when they had to in their play
Seems like everything fall into place.

Alaska plays more dangerous with its back against the wall
It thrive in pressure situations, having been there and done that,
Teamwork and focus do it always for the Milkmen
Its championship experience says it all when the smoke of battle clears.

Whenever Alaska lose its battle
I concede it’s not playing well,
Things do happen as they should be
And maybe it is part of its destiny.

To Jolas, Kenneth, Bong, Poch, Kevin and Johnny
Roel, Braulio, Al, Jun, Dickie and Rodney,
With Sean and Devin, Coach Tim, Fred U. and Joaqui
I am a loyal fan and I will always be.


Written on August 29, 1998 by Amor

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