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No Globe Signal

I’m so annoyed because it’s been 48 hours since my Globe sim card has no signal. The last message I received was on Sunday around 8:24 AM from Globe’s 2978. I was about to text someone but I couldn’t get a signal. I even went outside of the house just to detect some signal. But all I am seeing is No Access.

No Globe Signal

No Globe Signal

I tried refreshing my phone by removing the battery and the sim card, hoping that it would solve the problem but it did not. I also tried inserting my sim card to my sister’s phone but there’s still no signal. Her Smart sim card is working perfectly in my phone.

I tried calling Globe CSR but they are clueless. They said my number is active and that there is no Globe activity or system enhancements in the area that could have caused the problem. They apologized a couple of times I should have counted it! They said I have to wait for few hours or days till I get a signal, because as of now they don’t know yet what happened. I even went to Globe Business Center hoping they would check my sim card, but they did not! All they could tell me is to wait for few days din. Ilang days ba ako dapat maghintay? 2 days? 20 days? My gosh!

Huwag naman sanang sira ang sim ko. Naku ha, I don’t want to buy a new sim! This has been my number since March 2001,  although the sim card is 3 or 4 years old. I didn’t do anything para masira itong sim na ito so I don’t deserve this! So Globe, umayos kayo ha! Nakaka-frustrate na kapag tumitingin ako sa phone ko eh laging No Access nakikita ko. I hope that Globe will do something to fix this problem. It’s so irritating! Grrrr!

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  1. it sucks! my roaming has no service/ no signal for almost 24 hours.i got a free advisory from Globe then after a few sec nwalan n ng signal.yay! whatta day!

  2. We also lost our signal here at Greenpark Pasig since 2009. My ever reliable Globe which I was always been happy using since 2000 suddenly became a nightmare. In the past, I can still surf the net and play online games on my mobile phone. To date, the data is almost unusable as the signal is bordering on 0-1 bar. My old GFlex 800 Plan is already downgraded to Plan 299 because of inactivity. It is impossible to make a phonecall. The texts miraculously go through at 0 bars, but are always late. I already got a Smart line which has a very consistent signal at 4-5 bars. I can only use my Globe if I will stay on the street where the signal is ample and surprisingly at full bar, but once I get inside the house, it becomes NIL. I called countless of times, and Globe does not seem to care. They only apologise but they do not work on improving the situation. Ala na talaga…ganito na lang talaga…

    • Hi Leilani, thanks for stopping by. How come di pa rin inaayos ng Globe ang signal nila sa area nyo to think na 2009 pa pala napaka hina na ng signal, 0 to 1? If you have Twitter account you can also ask them (@talk2GLOBE) mas gusto ko mag inquire sa kanila kesa sa call center ng Globe, although same lang naman sila. Kung may Twitter na noong time na may problem ako sa Globe, naku di ko sana sila tinantanan hangga’t di nagka signal simcard ko, ayun natuluyan na. It’s not enough na mag sorry sila, they should work on improving their services.