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When in Baguio

Had a chance to visit Baguio City again last April. It’s not as cold as it used to especially at noon, well, it’s Summer! Compared to the very hot temperature here in Manila, Baguio is like heaven.

It’s my nth time in Baguio but first time to wear the Igorot costume. 🙂


When your 11 year old son is taller than you


with mother dear

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We stayed in Baguio for 4 days. Hope to be back, maybe next summer again.

Travelling to Baguio is much easier now with Genesis Joy Bus. It took us 4 hours to reach Baguio from Genesis Bus Terminal, Cubao to Genesis Terminal in Baguio City. I remembered our last trip in December 2013 was 12 hours, in a regular air-conditioned bus. It took 12 hours because some roads in Pangasinan were under construction then and there’s traffic everywhere.


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