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Win a Free Web Hosting

My friend Jessie is holding a contest in his Technology Talks blog. He’s so generous he is giving away free domain hosting and $100 in cash prizes. Ten (10) lucky contestants will be chosen to win this contest. It could be me or you. Who knows?

Here are the prizes:

  1. A free WordPress-only blog hosting for one year with 1.5GB (1500MB) web space + unlimited monthly bandwidth.
  2. Cash prizes – to be won by the Top 3 winners. These cash prizes are as follows:
  • 1st Prize: $25 (via Paypal) + 2,000 Entrecard credits
  • 2nd Prize: $15 (via Paypal) + 1,500 Entrecard Credits
  • 3rd Prize: $10 (via Paypal) + 500 Entrecard Credits

So how do you join? You can be a Contestant just like me or a Voter-Only.

If you will join as a Contestant you would have to:

  1. Subscribe to his RSS feed via email to earn 10 points.
  2. Blog about this contest in your site for 25 points. Your post must be original to qualify.
  3. Encourage your readers to blog about this contest. So please dear readers, family and friends, please help me win this contest by voting for me. Just post this contest in your blog. You have to indicate my name or my site’s name in your post so it can be counted and I will earn 15 points for each entry.
  4. Be a contestant like me.  If you’d rather participate in this contest, create a post about this and follow the instructions given to Contestants as seen above. That would earn me another 20 points for converting you from a reader to a contestant. So to all my blogger friends who are using Blogger (Blogspot) now is your time to move to WordPress. Join this contest now!

If you will join as a Voter-Only:

  • 5 voters-only will be randomly selected and each will receive $10 through Paypal + 500 Entrecard Credits.

Again, please vote for me.  If  I will win, I will make a customized WordPress Theme (for WP users) for you (randomly selected din), take that as a bribe. 😀

For Contestants, this contest will run until Monday December 15, 2008. For voters-only the deadline for submission of votes through blog post will be on December 30, 2008 at 5pm. All winners will be announced on December 30, 2008.

Please visit Win a Free Web Hosting for Your WordPress Blog and Free Web Hosting + Cash Contest Update to know more about this contest.

67 thoughts on “Win a Free Web Hosting

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    • Ay oo, kinda late na talaga… it's 2 years already, pero until now free pa rin sya. Bait ng host ko no? 🙂