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Email Problem Resolved at Last!

My email problem is resolved at long last! I wasn’t able to receive email since September 27, and after several tickets submitted, I am now receiving email.

I personally texted and emailed Ruel, philhosting’s owner to tell him my disappointment that his support team wasn’t able to resolve my email problem after almost 2 weeks of sending tickets. I would want to avoid bugging him, but I had no choice since I’m already irritated, as I felt that submitting ticket to his team had been futile. So, I decided to email him directly on Oct. 18.

When I logged-in to my yahoo email just few hours ago, I saw that he answered my email and told me his technical support already fixed the problem. I realized it was fixed already because some of my domain email is forwarded to my yahoo addy. Then I checked my webmail to read new emails…and replied to Ruel’s email to thank him.

Jun Festin, my fellow Romblomanon, same with Ruel, also sent me email and told me he’s going to personally check my email. He’s also part of philhosting’s web development and support team, but he said he wasn’t able to tend to my problem because he was busy in school… finals kasi. He’s still a student, but he’s working as a web designer for philhosting and as a freelancer. I don’t know if he’s the one (maybe he is) who resolved my email problem, which until now I don’t know what have caused. I did ask him in my thank you reply.

Anyway, another problem is over. All is well that ends well. 😀

3 thoughts on “Email Problem Resolved at Last!

  1. One of my readers has experienced several problems in Philhosting and unfortunately their issues weren’t addressed. There are a lot of negative posts out there from frustrated customers. Yours have been an exception. Are you still with philhosting up to this day?

    My follow up post is found in Philippine Customer Service ( Hope you can drop by and add your comments on the issue.

    • Thanks Jam for your comment. My site is now hosted in for almost 1 year, but my registrant is still Philhosting coz I registered my domain for 2 years. When my domain expires, I'll have it registered by my current host na.

      • Thanks Amor for dropping by and leaving a comment. I'm just curious though why the move? Knowing that your problem has been addressed, I would expect that you would still be an existing customer.