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Windows XP or Windows Vista?

I will be buying new computer in the coming days and I am confused on what OS to buy. Should I stick with Windows XP or should I buy Windows Vista?

I want to stick with Windows XP simply because I’m used to it, and I know some workaround when something goes wrong; while I know nothing about Windows Vista except that it was declared as “the best operating system Microsoft had ever made”.

Looking through the facts about Windows Vista, I’m tempted to buy it… oh no! I’m really confused!

What OS do you use? Can you help me choose? Please?

10 thoughts on “Windows XP or Windows Vista?

  1. Hi Amor, hubby bought it right after it was launched. I really like the desktop interface and the gadgets. Pero ang prob lang kasi hubby bought the the vista for 64bit browser, then later found out na maraming programs pa pla ang di compatible sa 64 like viewing sites with flash, etc. kaya pina-install ko uli ang XP, hehee. But I have vista32 sa laptop, so far, no probs naman. Kaya, i think you should go for Vista. I’ve heard na microsoft will stop producing more xp, in fact, i-stop na nila by this month. They’re promoting the advantages of Vista na. It’s easy to learn din naman ito at well organized ang filing.

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  2. Magkaiba kami ni Marlene hehe. If ako mag decide para sayo mag Windows XP professional na lang ako.. msyado marami kinakain na memory ang Vista.. saka konti lang naman improvements.. pero kung mabilis naman PC mo mag Vista ka na. hehe

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  3. I rather get the Windows XP manang. Vista consumes a lot of space. i had this one on my laptop and things aren’t going smooth. I switched bac to XP professional and it’s really cool 🙂 Wel,, if it’s the interface you’re talking about, vista got agood one. But, there are tweaks that are available now for Windows Xp. You may let it look like OSX of MAC tiger specifically and even an interface like vista is compatible 🙂 Now, I’m a certified XP user hehe

  4. Well if I where you, Xp prof. prin. kc n try ko na yung vista, my mga bug prin sya and maraming software ang di pa compatible. nasa graphics kasi ako at alam mo bang ayaw gumawa ng Adobe ng software na compatible sa vista.

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  5. Fren,

    Ikaw pala ang madaming dats ngayon eh 🙂 From a programmer’s perspective, I suggest you go for Windows XP. Sa Vista kasi ang isang problemang natest ko is the amount of resources that it consumes when the computer is operational. Especially during heavy workloads (bloghopping, hunting for opps, lol!) the memory available is far less than when you use XP. Unless if you intend to buy a high-end computer, say a Dual/Quad Core with 2GB RAM, then Vista can run smoothly even in the long run. Other than that, XP is still the better choice.

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  7. Window Vista or Window XP both seems to be hell and irritating when Crash and Hang. Have anyone here experinace Apple Mac.

    I would like you to go for it. Its a bit expensive but World’s best OS plateform to work on.

    { you can run 28 movies at one time and the system won’t hang -this is the power of mac. }

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