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Blogs I love to Read

I recently discovered WP-Pinoy from Marlene’s link, was interested so I clicked and signed up. Haven’t done my link love ‘assignment’ yet but I’ll do it later. I’ve been bloghopping, visiting fellow WPP members’ blog for few days now that I had no time to write a post.

Incidentally, Marlene tagged me about blogs that I like. The rule is to list 5 blogs that I admire and what’s on those blogs that keep me coming back for more.

5 lang nandito, but it doesn’t mean ito lang fave ko, actually marami pa… So here’s my list, in no particular order…

Chuvaness – her blog is spontaneously funny. She puts lots of humor on her post and every time I read it, I can’t help but smile. She’s one smart girl that knows how to keep her reader smiling from ear to ear.

Diwata – I used to lurk at her site, until I finally had guts to leave a message on her shoutbox. Hehe. She’s so straightforward and hilarious at the same time.

Beng – I’ve been a lurker of her blog since I got a pingback/trackback from her on My Free Desktop View tag. She’s a very creative web designer and I am learning a lot from her style. Her WP themes are wonderfully created. She’s such an inspiration. Obvious bang fan ako? haha! Her blog also have a dash of humor.

Mindy – Mindy is watching too much tv, just like me, haha… She blogs about the latest in television shows, what rates and what doesn’t, upcoming shows, episode guides, spoilers, video and photos.

Gail – it was thru lurking at her site that I realized you can have different style in your latest post, so I googled for the code and finally have it working for this site as well. She’s one of the well-known pinay web designer/blogger.

Now, I am passing this tag to those who want to list down their favorite blogs.

8 thoughts on “Blogs I love to Read

  1. Hi Amor,

    Thank you soooo much ;), naks I felt honored talaga. And by the way, your theme design looks great. Keep it up and kudos 🙂

  2. Thanks for visiting Ate Beng. O naki-ate na rin ako, haha! It’s my pleasure to know you visited and commented on my site. It means a lot to me. Daghang salamat!

  3. Hehe, Amor, resulta na yata ito sa pagka-adik ko kaya kung anu-ano na lang nasusurf ko. Di ko pa navisit uli yung WPP. Daghang salamat sa pagpasa sa tag na ito 🙂

  4. aba andito pa ako ha! salamat naman! at yang christmas tree nay yan sa susunod ko na po i post pero def. i will post it no bago mag pasko lol. ikinakabit ko pa christmas tree eh.. an laki kasi pang outdoor.

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