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All I Want in 2008

Diwata tagged me on my new year’s resolution. Honestly, I don’t have one since I always end up breaking it. But for the sake of Diwata’s tag, okay, I’ll make one, and this time I’ll try my best (but I guess my best wasn’t good enough 😀 ) to make it work.

If there’s one thing I want to accomplish this year, that would be losing weight. Yes, I know, I also said that last year, and every year, but hopefully this time I can exert more effort to make it work. I am not dreaming to have a skinny body I just want to drop all the excess fat I have accumulated all these years. It won’t happen overtime, but I am giving myself one whole year to at least lose up to 30lbs. Will I be able to do that this 2008? I hope so! Discipline is all I really need. If I end up adding more pounds than losing it, I’ll be fat obese forever. Oh no!

I should be passing this tag but I guess this one’s too late. But if you haven’t posted your new year’s resolution yet, then this tag is for you. 😀

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