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Having Fun with WordPress

Long time no post… I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since my last post.

Well, I wasn’t able to go online for few days. We had no internet connection at home because our PLDT landline had no dialtone for almost 1 week. Had to rent somewhere else just to check my emails.

But still something good happened while I was ‘offline’. I was able to finish my new WordPress theme. Well, it’s not 100% done yet… I still have to do some online testing. I started designing/coding it last June and after almost 3 long months, I am hoping I could upload it next week. Like what I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, I’m ‘migrating’ all of my webpages to WordPress.

I created new categories for my poems, pictures and other pages. It was fun experimenting with WordPress… I modified the template files such as category.php, single.php and sidebar.php so it will look differently from other pages. I just wish I have the wordpress codex handy so I can keep track whenever I’m lost.

5 thoughts on “Having Fun with WordPress

  1. Hi Amor, I’m excited to see your new WordPress theme! Actually, I am planning to migrate my webpages to WP, but I can’t make my own template/theme 🙁 so hahanap na lang siguro ako ng mga free themes na pwede kong i-modify. Just wondering, sis, if u migrate ur webpages to WordPress, kailangan ba ilagay talaga sa footer na website generated through WP or Using WP Engine?

  2. Yun din ang ginawa ko noong una… I also modified an existing theme, replacing existing code and images with my own. I already have a website template so I all I did was integrate it to WordPress so I have a consistent look.

    About the Website generated through WP, option mo yun sis if you want to put it. Yung sa footer ko ngayon nakalagay Powered by WP… pwede ko rin namang hindi ilagay yun kasi may link naman na ako sa WP sa sidebar under Meta. It doesn’t matter naman siguro kung saan nakalagay at kung ano ang nakalagay. 🙂 Basta ang importante merong link sa WP kasi it’s our way of showing support…

    Nag online testing na ako dito ng bagong theme kahapon, okay naman wla pa akong napapansing problema, sana nga wla talaga para by tomorrow palit na ako ng theme at update ko na yung DB kasi lahat ng webpage ko nasa WP na.