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Random Ramblings

Now you see now you don’t

Here I go again, can’t update and visit blogs as much as I want to. My online life is limited now unlike before where I could go online even passed midnight. Now it’s not possible. May curfew na, haha!


I don’t want to blog about this but it’s occupying my mind for few days now.

I’m quite disappointed at how things turned out. I am not asking for a better position, I just want everything to be transparent. I have lots of questions that are left unanswered. I used to be in a position where he is now, so I know how it works and how it should work.

How could you come up with something when you have not even given them a single test. I was there, 99% of the time so I know what’s going on. I find it unfair because ‘we’ were not given due process if I may call that. I know I may sound sour graping, but who cares!


Since I already retired my shoutbox, I decided to use a guestbook instead. If you’re shy to leave off topic comments in my posts, you may leave your comment in my guestbook, where anything goes.

14 thoughts on “Random Ramblings

    • I can’t help but blog about it, but I just can’t tell the details here. Maybe I will just email it to you. 🙂

    • Thanks sis, it’s like bothering me nga, kasi I can’t get it off my head, but there’s nothing more I can do about it.

    • Ay oo nga ano, buti sinabi mo, hindi ko napansin. Eto ang problema ng limited ang online time ang dami kong hindi naaayos.


  1. ano ba yang ayaw mong i-blog, pero na-i-blog mo pa rin… pero bitin… kaya tuloy heto ako nagtatanong… hehe…

    pero ano man iyan, lagi mong tatandaan
    nakikita Niya ang lahat, di ka niya pababayaan
    di man ngayon, panahon ay darating
    tagumpay mararating, liligaya ka rin

    (lakas talaga ng tama ni Francis M sa akin 🙂 )

    Roy´s last blog post..Francis M shows his nationalism up to the last minute

    • hindi ko nga sana iba-blog kaso I can’t help it haha… pero it has something to do with one of my latest posts din, andun yung clue.

  2. That sucks that you can’t blog so late at night any more. I don’t know what the problem is, but I know that other things can get in the way of it all.. sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day!

  3. hi amor. can’t blog much din… be strong. whatever it is that you are going through right now, just everything happens for a reason. you may not realize it now, but eventually God will help you figure it out. God bless!!

    melody´s last blog post..More than Medals