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First 3D Movie Experience

Despicable Me 3D

Saw a 3D movie for the first time, it’s quite pricey for the three of us but it’s worth the 3D movie experience! I so like it that if only I can afford to, I would love to watch 3D movies everytime. ๐Ÿ˜›

The 3d glasses was uncomfortable to use at first, but I got used to it eventually. ย The images were so clear, it’s like am part of the movie. ๐Ÿ˜€ Now I know what popping-out-of-the-screen meant. Sean even said, “Mommy oh, parang lumalabas, ย (seemed to come out)”

We watched Despicable Me. ย It was hilarious, wickedly cool! ๐Ÿ™‚

18 thoughts on “First 3D Movie Experience

  1. I haven't seen a 3D movie yet. We have a pair of 3D glasses at home that's included in the TV we bought last summer but until now, di pa namin nagamit. I heard there's a 3D movie of Yogi Bear coming soon. Hintayin ko na lang yata ito. ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking despicable nga ang hawak ni Sean.

    • Tagal na namin gusto watch ng 3D eh, request lagi si Sean, dapat nung Toy Story 3 pa. Nagkukuripot ang lola kaya di ako pumayag nun haha. I realized sana pala watch namin in 3D yun.

    • We also watched Airbender but not in 3D. Nice effects too, it would have been better if we watched it in 3D.

      Thanks for visiting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Welcome. I have seen that the Last Airbender is made after the cartoons The last airbender (which I haven't seen yet).
    I also have seen Avatar 3 D and I enjoyed it a lot. I loved the way I could have seen the whole different planet of the avatars. I simply loved it. have you seen Avatar? What do you think about the movie?

    • I've seen Avatar but not in 3D. It's beautiful, one of the best I've seen. Regarding the Last Airbender, my husband and son watched the cartoon series Avatar: The Legend of Aang, they know the story already, unlike me.

  3. Amor, your kids are bigger than when I last visited here. I am glad your blog is still active. As for 3D movies, my experience of them is limite1d by the uneven strength between my right and left eyes. But I may try again. My las5 time wearing 3D glasses in a theatre was to watch Nightmare on Elm Street in 3D back min nthe late 1980s.

    • Hi Keith! How are you? Glad to hear from you again. Yes, he's a lot bigger now. He's always mistaken to be 7 or 8 years old when he's just 5.

      Hubby told me the first time he watched 3D movie was in 1980s also (or was it late 70s) where they wore special glasses with red and cyan color filters.

      • Amor, your blog is based in the United States? the Philippines? Your reply is dated October 3, and it is still Saturday here. Come visit my blog also. God bless you, Keith-