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Trying out Google+

I’m trying out Google+ and so far am loving it. What I like most is the ability to style and edit posts and even comments.

To type in bold just type asterisk (*) before and after the word. Underscore (_) for italics and hyphen (-) for strikeout.

For example.

type *bold* and you’ll get  bold

type _italics_ and you’ll get  italics

type -strikeout- and you’ll get  strikeout.

Google plus

Google plus with styles and edited post and comment

Haven’t tested everything yet, but it’s cool isn’t it? It looks like a micro blog too.

Other features are Circles that’s similar to Facebook list, which I use a lot. Video chat looks awesome too.

I got the invite through WPZoom Facebook Page. At first try, I couldn’t access it coz of the Google+ limitation but after a day and when Google+ were opened for everyone for a limited time, I was finally able to get in.

I just had a hard time inviting friends since there’s no direct invitation option. Good thing there’s a trick on How to invite your pals to Google+. Add your friends’ email address to a special circle and then create a post or status visible to that circle and you’ll see the option to email your post to those people in the list who are not yet using Google+.

Want some invite? 🙂



3 thoughts on “Trying out Google+

  1. Thank you for the invite, friend. Iba pala yung nakikita ko sa mga blogs, hindi pala ito. +1 lang pala yun, ito naman Google+. 🙂

  2. I'm still not sure about Google + but I guess I am warming up to it. It gives us one more way to socially network our blog posts.