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A Google a day is 7 Googles a week

A Google a Day is 7 Googles a week. That is if you answer A Google a day straight for 7 days. A google a day is a daily puzzle from Google. You may have different ways to solve it but there’s only one answer. Have you tried it yet? It’s fun! And in case you will ask, no,  I didn’t answer it daily for 1 week, just two straight days. 🙂

I already forgot what’s the first Google puzzle I answered last April few days after they launched. Answered two puzzle and then forgot about it, (see? I’m forgetful!)

The other day while browsing through my bookmarks I saw it again and decided to answer. The puzzle was a picture that says “If you can’t see my face clearly, you may want to use my invention to evaluate the status of your eyes. Who am I?” He looks like Albert Einstein so I typed Albert Einstein but it was wrong. So I googled for the keyword eye or vision test, then I saw a Snellen chart and googled again who invented it. Saw the same picture in Wikipedia, so I answered Herman Snellen.

google a day on June 9, 2011

I answered the next question that was written in German language so I had to use Google Translate first. The question was “Can you find the population density of the largest city in Germany?”. Then, I googled for the largest city in Germany,  I got Berlin. Googled again for population density of Berlin and got the answer 37 people/hectare (highlighted in the screenshots).

google a day on June 10, 2011

I don’t know about you but I find it challenging since you won’t stop until you find the right answer.  You can practice your searching ability too.

Of course there are easy ways to get the right answer, by cheating!  Use the regular Google search and not the Google a day search. You can also use Firebug, where you can easily see the answers or by viewing the a google a day javascript (agaddata.js). But why would you cheat on google a day? You’ll only be fooling yourself! 😛


7 thoughts on “A Google a day is 7 Googles a week

  1. Ate Amor, I haven't tried it yet, but it looks fun based on your post. Mukhang magandang hands-on activity para sa mga estudyante ko. 😛

    • Hello! Thanks for visiting. Try it some time esp if you're feeling bored or if you just want to shift your attention to something else. 🙂

    • That I don't know. But you can subscribe to their RSS Feed. Uhm, wait… google a day question as summer activity for your <strong>kids</strong>??