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Sean’s Nursery Enrollment

Hubby and I enrolled Sean in a Day Care Center two blocks away from our house. We were excited ‘coz it’s his first time to go to school. We were told that he will be interviewed by the teacher. We’re a bit worried at first that he might not answer his teacher because sometimes he doesn’t respond when asked by people he just met. He would just look down, pretending to be shy, haha!

When the teacher asked him how old he is, he quickly replied three. He was asked to count from 1 to 10, and so he did. The teacher showed him some shape and color flash cards. He identified all the shape flashed at him except for diamond and triangle. I don’t know why he said rectangle when the triangle shape was flashed at him. I’m pretty sure he knows that shape. When he was asked again, he answered correctly. Out of 10 colors, he identified 8.

Teacher asked him if he knows the letters of the Alphabet so Sean sang the Alphabet song, haha! But teacher said he wants to know if he can identify the letters and numbers. Sean identified all the letters and numbers randomly flashed at him.

Teacher wants to hear if Sean can sing, so he sang “Rain rain go away”. He asked if he can write and Sean said yes. He wrote the letter N. He was asked to write the letter B, but he said he doesn’t know how to. When he was told to copy the letter next to A, he wrote the letter B.

When it was the next child’s turn to be interviewed or evaluated, Sean keep on answering so we had to divert his attention.

After the evaluation, the teacher said Sean is a smart boy (I know! Haha! Yabang! ) He actually wants to enlist Sean in Kinder 1 but said he’s too young as he just turned 3 last month. If only Sean is a bit older (like 3 ½) he can enroll him in Kinder 1. They are accepting 4 years old for Kinder 1. He mentioned that Sean knows a lot of things already and can write some letters, so he will observe him in his Nursery class for 3 months, and after he can pass another evaluation he’ll be transferred to Kinder 1.

Teacher asked me if Sean studied from a private school because of his being ‘advance than other kids his age’. I said no and that it’s his first time to go to school. Looks like Sean can easily memorize, he said. I replied yes, and that he knows several flags already.

When we went home, we hugged and kissed Sean and told him we’re proud of him.

Sean also loves to spell. He doesn’t know how to read yet, except his name and the words ‘cat’ and ‘and’. He would spell a certain word and would ask me how to read it. He knows how to write his name, but sometimes his letter S is written in reverse, haha!