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Spam Text Messages from SMART

I hate it when I receive spam messages. Who doesn’t? I’d rather receive spam email but not spam text. I still can control 85% of spam emails sent to me by filtering and other means but in spam text, duh I don’t know how to avoid them!

Just when you were waiting for a very important message or when you’re having conversation through text and then suddenly you receive this unwanted message from an unknown sender telling you to text BIG to 2332. Haller! I am not in any way interested so leave me alone! Istorbo ka!

spam text message from SMART

And so I thought sending spam text is already regulated?!!! The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) can only regulate messages if they are sent from telecom providers using four-digit codes. But they are powerless if the spam text came from prepaid numbers.  Is that the reason why SMART is using 11 digit prepaid number instead of their usual 4 digit codes? SMART is indeed smart for doing that. But it’s annoying!

smart sends text spam

not smart text spam from smart

And since the NTC can’t do anything about it, what else can we do but ignore it. Ggrrrrr!

November 13, 2009 Update: I sent a message to @SMARTCares in Twitter and I was told to send ALERTS OFF to 211 to stop receiving all alerts/advisories. Will try it and hope it solves the problem. Thanks SMART! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Spam Text Messages from SMART

  1. i feel for you, sis. annoying talaga ang spam na yan sa email or text. kahit nga forwarded messages di ko binabasa. i have this officemate who likes texting very much that he sends too many forwarded messages in a day. OMG, sometimes I get 60 messages from him. nakakaloka! hindi ko lang masabi na i don’t read those messages at all. haha. yun nga lang minsan, may important texts ako na hindi nababasa kasi natatabunan ng mga messages nya.

    btw, sis. ok na WordPress ko. plugin lang pala ang nag-cause ng problem. thanks for trying to help.

  2. I totally understand 🙂

    I registered my mobile number with the Do Not Disturb Privacy Policy and since then, 80% of the spam messages stopped coming.

    But if I don’t have my laptop with me and when I’m extremely bored, I surf through these spam messages 😛

  3. i remembered when my dad requested me to accompany him to BSP, i asked why, he said he will be claiming P250,000, as he had received a text that he won in a raffle…. Another is when i had a vacation in anawangin and someone texted my mom that i had an accident, she freaked out for a day as there was no signal on the island. Then when i saw the message the texter was just asking for a load.

    The only thing we can do is to report these numbers to the provider and they will block the access especially if they are prepaid subscribers. NTC cannot do something about it…

  4. Thanks all for your comments. Hopefully I can 'stop' these spam messages now as I already sent ALERTS OFF to 211 as per SMARTCares' instruction. 🙂