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Why I Joined the Bandwagon

I was intrigued how most of my blogger friends are earning online through blogging. I wasn’t aware about this paid blogging thing until I read a friend’s post on how he earned money just by reviewing sites and products. Earnings range from $5 to $50 or more than a hundred per post. Whoah! That’s motivating! I only have sponsored ads in my site and I am halfway through my first $100, after more than 3 years. Haha! But this paid posting is new to me and I find it interesting.

Little did I know that more than 50% in my blogroll are into this. When we had bloggers EB last March, they were talking about this opportunity, and all I could do was listen intently. They mentioned how good this opportunity is and how much they’ve earned in just few months of paid blogging. Imagine they are paid to blog about the things they love to talk about. How cool is that?

I realized I should have known this opportunity before. But it’s never too late, so I joined payperpost almost two weeks ago. This is the ‘bandwagon’ I was referring to in one of my previous posts. Their blog ads will give you additional income while you are having fun.

If you’re an internet junkie like me and loves to blog, why not earn something from it? If others can do paid blogging and was successful in doing it, then I can and you can, too! It’s worth a try. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Why I Joined the Bandwagon

  1. Fren,

    Goodluck. Alam kong pasasaan ba eh kikita ka rin nang malaki sa venture na to. Ok lang kung bayad ang mga articles mo. Mahal pa rin kita at ang site mo. Kasi ganyan din ako sa site ko. Sige din ako nang sige pag may chance. Pero dapat alternate ang posts mo. Bayad-personal-bayad-personal…. 🙂

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  2. Thanks friends for all the encouraging words.

    @Marlene, eto pa lang ang post ko kay 3P, at yung unang 3 ay yung sa blog for bucks. Wla pa akong nigrab na opps sa smorty.

    @Glenn, wala pa akong nawi-withdraw sa paypal friend, wala pang laman, maliban dun sa 1.90 something na balik bayad sa verification chuva haha! 🙂

    @Jessie, bilib nga ako sa dami ng blog mo. Meron ako sa blogspot, last 2006 o 2007 pa yun pero 4 lang post haha! Tulad ng comment ko sa blog mo, I believe malaki ang kikitain mo rito kasi you have the talent in writing. Samantalang ako, inaabot ng 100 years bago makpag isip kung ano ang ipo-post, haha! Goodluck sa ating lahat! 🙂

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