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Easy Essay

Struggled on writing an essay? Been there, done that.

When we were younger we have to scour around the library for hours looking for ideas or information and then write essay from scratch. Students nowadays are luckier because there are free online essays they can get in just one click. It would be a great help especially if you’re assigned to a subject matter you’re not familiar with. Read two or more essays related to the subject you’re assigned with then write your own essay, using your own words based on what you’ve just read. Easy essay. Life gets easier no?

It’s also like hitting two birds in one stone, you will not only improve your essay writing skills but you will also learn grammar tips in the process.

Have you struggled writing essay before? What did you do then?

3 thoughts on “Easy Essay

  1. so true. I remember one time I asked my students to submit an essay about a certain topic, one read his essay but did not change anything. On his essay, he was discussing things about his experiences in Junior High and Senior High eh wala naman kaming ganun..copy-paste lang talaga.. LOL!

  2. Hi there Amor,

    Your blog is pleasing in the eyes. Anyway, all writers have struggled at first, I think. However, you cannot be an expert in essay writing without constant practice and determination to excel in writing. Good question.