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Only You, My Friend by Maria Muriel

When I was younger I really like the song “Only You, My Friend”, love it up to now actually. The song was a hit in the late 80’s. I just don’t know who sang it, basta babae sya, haha! at OPM (Original Pilipino Music) ito.

I still know the melody, but not the entire lyrics. What I can remember are these lines, not sure though if it’s correct, haha!

Only you my friend can make my life feel so complete
It seems like a song, a symphony, a melody so sweet
Of all the people around, you’re the dearest one I found
You are the most important one of all.

Only you my friend can make my day feel bright and clear
Every moment’s filled with happinesss as long as you’re near
When I happen to fall, you are there each time I call
You’re the most important one of all.

Nothing else is greater than the friendship that we have
You mean everything to me
I can never pretend, that I’ll love you till the end
But I’ll remember you, my whole life through.

I know this is also one of Marlene‘s favorite songs. I read it in one of her previous posts. 🙂

I’ve been googling for this song, but haven’t found the complete lyrics.

If you have a complete lyrics of this song, hope you guys can share it here. I have also been waiting for its revival. I really miss hearing this song. This is one of the songs I would want to hear and sing over and over again. 🙂

Update: As pointed out by our commenters, the singer who sang Only you my friend is Maria Muriel Cagulada – Remo.

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  1. si maria muriel (cagulada) po ang kumanta nito. taga malaybalay city, bukidnon po sya. actually family friend of mine. nice naman at may nakaka alala pa nang song nato. ito naman po ang list ng mga top love songs of the 80's:

    1. Bakit Ba Ganyan by Dina Bonnevie
    2. (Boy) I Love You by Cherie Gil
    3. This Song Is Dedicated To You by Lilet
    4. Fragments of Forever by Nonoy Zuniga
    5. A Long Long Time Ago by Kuh Ledesma
    6. Love Me Tonight by Lou Bonnevie
    7. How Long You've Been Waiting by Love Reduction
    8. If Only by Lea Salonga
    9. Only You, My Friend by Maria Muriel
    10. I Will Always STay In Love This Way by Boy Katindig
    11. Shining by Becca Godinez
    12. Shadow of Time by Raymond Lauchengco
    13. I Love You and I Always Will by Jam Morales

      • Hi Amor,
        Just browsing around and looking for the Lyrics of Only You My Friend by Maria Muriel Cagulada – Remo and I stumble your blog , I personally knew her, our family were very close. She was our neighbor back in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Philippines.And from time to time we visited her family in New Jersey.If you want to know more about her just follow this link.
        Anyways, Thanks for posting the lyrics, I could have manually transcribe it but you make my work easy and for that Thank You. I have the song from a vinyl record converted to mp3 and hopefully I can post this to youtube or facebook just to surprise her.

  2. married na po sya ngayon, eventually hindi nag click ang pagiging singer nya noon. make that a one hit wonder. sayang pero she had her own 15 minutes of fame naman noon so ok na rin. 🙂

    actually bestfriend sya ng ate ko, she's 10 years older than me. davaoeno po kami and it happened lang na sa malayabalay city na assign ang ate ko noon. at naglaon doon narin sya nakapag asawa.

    re: only you my friend, oo nga ganda ng song nato. classic.

  3. sorry for jumping in..ü eto naman sa akin para sa first stanza, di ko nga lang din sigurado if tama ba:

    Only you my friend can make my life feel so complete
    It seems like a song, a symphony, a melody so sweet
    Of all the people around, you’re the dearest one I found
    You will always be special for me….

    • Thank you, that's right. Actually meron ng video sa youtube di ko pa lang nailalagay dito, mapakinggan nga at ng maayos na yang lyrics hehe.

  4. thanks for posting that song..actually i came here just to see the lyrics coz im looking and searching for it almost everyday, but i see nothing…if somebody here has this complete lyrics and the song…pls help me..can u give me?…its for my friend who died last feb 14 and we're planning to give him a song in his burial…pls?!



  5. hi! I visited MMPFD's youtube account, andun nga yong song pero "tampered" naman.. =/ well, cguro para avoid ang illegal downloading pero sayang pa din.. huhuhu.. ='(

  6. Wow, I was very amazed to find here the complete the complete lyrics of the song, Only You My Friend. I had a complete copy of the song before when I was studying in Central Mindanao University, Musuan, Bukidnon. However, it was lost when I garaduated in 1993. This is one of my most favorite songs. I, mjy friends and classmates during my college years used to sing this song. We even made it as our theme song of frienship. I happened also to introduce it to my friends in our place and they like the song so much. The lyrics are very meaningful and suitable to the life's cycle of friendship. I love the song so much. The time I lost the copy I feel sads that I cannot sing the song with my guitar since I have not fully memorized the entire lyrics of the song. Now I've found it and I am very happy and inspired singing the song. I would like to thank everyone here who provided us the copy of the song. Once again, thank you very much. My only wish and hope that one of our Filipino singers will revive the song. I suggest Ms. Charice Pempengco will sing the song. I also pray for Maria Muriel Caqgulada, the original singer, that she will be given another chance to air out once again her voice and share to the public her talent in singing. I believe that she's a good singer. May the music industry in the Phils will pay tribute to Muriel because she also became an instrument of touching and inspiring people like us through her music. For you Muriel, I salute on you.

    • Me too, I had a copy when I was in elementary. I'm happy that a lot of people are looking for this song too. Really wish it will be revived. Thank you for visiting Pepits! 🙂

  7. hi amor,

    sorry for intruding….muriel was my dorm mate at Kalayaan Residence Hall in UP Diliman Campus in 1981. I think she was taking up a diploma course (2 yrs lang) in the conservatory of music (tama ba? hehe twas 30 yrs ago forget ko na)…

    We became very close friends that time since we are “bisdak” (bisayang dako) came from the same region (region 10) and of the same floor sa dorm (1st floor)….

    I accompanied her when she joined the “bagong kampeon” and borrowed my dress for that competition. She won 2nd place only in the weekly contest…she sang “dito ba”….coz of that we were scolded by our resident head by returning to the dorm beyond our “curfew hour” (8pm)

    I had the chance to “meet” her daughter in you tube coz of my “pananawagan” like any update regarding her…fortunately i got a reply from her daughter informing me that muriel cagulada is now muriel remo and now residing in las vegas…her daughter’s name in you tube is gabster…maybe u can ask her of the complete lyrics of her song…


  8. Thanks a lot Stella for all the info, also saw the pics you posted on FB. I really appreciate it. Tama, I’ll ask her daughter for the complete lyrics.

  9. One of my favorite songs. 80’s songs the best talaga. Maria Muriel is a great singer. I just hope she recorded more hit songs.