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Can’t You See

Can’t You See is one of my all time favorite songs. I first heard this over the radio when I was in high school, then naging instant fave ko na sya.

Written by Monty Brinkley who said he wrote the song back in the mid 80’s. It’s about a girl who liked him but he knew it wasn’t meant to be. This song was first recorded by PC Quest in 1992. Tiffany also has her own version.

Can’t You See –  PC Quest’s Version

Can’t You See Music Video – Tiffany’s Version

Can’t You See Lyrics

Singer: Tiffany / PC Quest
Composer: Monty Brinkley, John Duarte, Tim James, and Steve McClintock

You took me wrong just because we kissed
And now I don’t know how to say goodbye
I know it’s wrong when you’re holding me like this
Still won’t you stay, let me love you for awhile
You know I’m not that strong when I see you smile

Can’t you see
This is all a big mistake
I should try and walk away
But I need someone to hold me
And I know there’s no way that this can last
Still I know that if you ask me to
I know I would stay tonight
Just for tonight

You look at me and you don’t understand
You know I’m not the one that could fill your dreams
I cant believe that this how I am
Still won’t you stay, let me love you for awhile
You know I’m not that strong when I see your smile

Repeat Refrain except last line

I love the way you watch me
I love the way we move
But in my heart I know
I’ll never be in love with you

Can’t you see

Repeat Refrain

17 thoughts on “Can’t You See

  1. Hindi ko na maalala ang mga kanta ni Tiffany, ang tagal-tagal na kasi. Pero I knew some of her songs before, but not this one. Ang ganda ng melody at lyrics ng song na ito. Parang bumalik ako sa pagka-teenager, hahaa!

    • Ako rin gusto ko yung melody nya at lyrics. Isa rin sa mga kanta ni Tiffany ay If love is blind, kasabay din ng Can’t you see.

  2. I didn’t know the title of this song until you posted it. Never knew na two versions din pala to.

    Tamang senti ka ngayon, Ate Amor ah. 😆

    • Tamang senti ba? haha, na-obvious tuloy. 🙂

      Hindi rin ako aware dati na 2 ang version nito. Una ko kasing narinig yung sa PC Quest at mas gusto ko yung version nila. Then narinig ko yung version ni Tiffany.

  3. nice to hear the songs from our times no..(as in parang sobrang tanda naman na natin)..

    i missed the times before when i used to stay at home at twilight tapos nakikinig lang ng music with dim light sa room..kakamiss yun..ngayon kasi parang ang ingay na ng mundo..hehehe (signs of aging na naman..)

    • Yes, because it reminds us of our younger years.

      Naaalala ko nung buhay pa father ko. He would tune in to love radio every sunday kasi laging pinapatugtog doon mga kanta nung kapanahunan nila.

      • oo nga no?? minsan natatawa (at natutuwa ako sa mama at papa ko kasi nakikinig sila ng mga “old songs” tuwing sunday…ngayon yung mga “old songs” kasama na yung songs natin..hehehe..

  4. I like this song too. Hehe.
    Saka yung songs din ni Debbie Gibson! Magka-batch sila ni Tiffany di ba? Elementary pa yata ako nun when I used to sing their songs. Ang bilis ng panahon. Pati highschool days ko sobrang nami-miss ko. Hays…

    • Korek sis, magka batch nga sila. Marami din akong fave na kanta ni Debbie Gibson. Elementary ka pala noon, HS naman ako. 🙂

  5. hi Amor! i really like this song esp pc quest's version! it reminds me of a lady whom we both like each other, but it's not meant to be "us" though.