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School Days

Thanks God it’s Friday! It’s time for Mommy Moments and for this week the theme is School Days.

Sean is now in Kinder 1, studying in PNU CTL (Philippine Normal University Center for Teaching and Learning). Here are some of his pictures taken on the first day of his class on June 15, 2009. The other 2 pictures where he poses ala Mr. Pogi were taken in SM a week after.


Before his first day at school we asked him at home how he would introduce himself to his new classmates, so he acted it out. But on the day itself he was timid and tongue tied. They were all asked to go in front and introduce themselves. Three or more students didn’t say a word, including him. His teacher called him Francis and introduced him in the class.Β  He told me he preferred to be called Sean so I told him to tell his teacher but he’s too shy to speak.

He likes his teacher, Teacher Jaimmy. She’s pretty and looks cool. Good luck na lang sa kanya if she can handle Sean’s never ending ‘energy’. πŸ™‚

Everyday while we were in the bus going home, I would ask him what he learned from school, or what he did at school. Was he reprimanded for being ‘makulit’? Then he would tell me, β€œSecret, sasabihin ko lang pag nasa house na”. One time he admitted that he was on ‘time-out’ for a few minutes or so because he’s playing with one of his classmates while doing some activities.

Sometimes he would tell me, β€œMommy di ako nangulit sa school, small lang“, meaning nangulit pa rin but maybe not enough to make his teacher irritated. πŸ˜€

And how can I forget? Here are Sean’s pictures during his Nursery Days in Manila Day Care Center.


20 thoughts on “School Days

  1. cute!

    i remember my daughter telling me the same thing when we were walking home from school.. ill tell you about it when we are home na! πŸ™‚ heheheh

    happy weekend!

    • Ganun nga rin si Sean, ayaw nya talagang magkuwento pag nasa labas, kailangan nasa house na. Tapos minsan installment pa kung magkwento.

  2. Hahaa! Sean, makulit talaga! Ang galing ng pose nung may backpack siya. Normal lang yata sa edad niya ang mahiya sa first day sa school lalo na kapag first time niya makita ang lahat.

    Teka, magdi-digiscrapping ka na rin ba? πŸ™‚

    • Ang kulit talaga. Ewan ko may time na mahiyain sya may time naman na kabaliktaran haha. Kasi minsan kapag may tugtog lalo’t gusto nya magsasayaw yan, kahit kung anu-anong step ginagawa. Wala syang care kahit tinitingnan sya ng iba. Tapos ang lakas pa ng boses. Pag nasa school bago ako umalis nahihiya yang mag kiss kapag nakatingin mga classmates nyang girls.

      Sumusubok lang akong mag digiscrap. πŸ™‚

  3. cute no? parang kailan lang kinakargao karga pa natin sila..ngayon, nag school na…

    ang cute nman ng mga remarks ni sean pag tinatanong mo siya about school..parang may tinatago talagang kakulitan..hehehe..goodluck sa studies mo oo nga, goodluck na din kay teacher jaimmy…:)

    • Korek, goodluck talaga sa teacher nya, haha.

      Normal naman sa mga bata ang makulit diba? pero si Sean, super yata. Mana ba sa akin? Makulit din kasi ako haha. sabi nga nila, di bale ng makulit wag lang may sakit. πŸ™‚

  4. Ah… good looks plus energy multiplied to the exponent of his charisma equals a future playboy. But those caring eyes from mommy will make the girls feel the love of this modern day Romeo.

    Okay… don’t mind me classmate, I am making predictions when I’m not supposed to.

    Happy weekend!


    • Okay itong prediction mo Doc Z haha. Future playboy? Baka nga. Simpleng komedyante yan eh, diba mga komedyante lapitin daw ng girls πŸ˜€

      • I wasn’t exactly the comedian in my earlier school days. he he he. So, I wouldn’t know. Ako yung, tahimik na misteryoso na di namamansin noon. Kanya kanyang style lang siguro yan.


  5. Ate Amor, kanino nagmana si Sean: sa mommy or sa daddy? πŸ˜›

    Looks like Sean is enjoying school.

    PS. Post ka nga ng pic ng teacher ni Sean. hehe. joke lang.

    • Parehas yata Kuya Kiko kasi lahi namin makukulit, kaya hindi na ako nagtataka haha. He is enjoying school. Sometimes I would ask him kung anong gusto nya yung class nya ngayon or yung dati, he would say mas gusto nya yung ngayon. His teacher is pretty, kaya lang taken na Kuya Kiko. πŸ™‚