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This is my entry for Mommy Moments theme – Tantrums. Better late than never πŸ™‚

Every child will have a tantrum. I don’t know any child who doesn’t have tantrums. Some children have less, some have many. Unfortunately Sean belongs to the latter. I don’t really give in to his ‘demands’ whenever he has tantrums. I tell him I’m the one in control and not him. In fairness to him, it’s easier to settle him down (well, sometimes). When he’s showing tantrums, most of the time I would just tell him okay go inside the room, come back here when you’re feeling better and when you’re ready to talk to me. In just few minutes he would come back smiling as if nothing happened.

mm-tantrumsSean’s crying here because I didn’t allow him to change the tv channel. I want to watch the news and he wants to watch Ben10 and Tom and Jerry on Cartoon Network. I told him he can watch it after the news but he said “tapos na rin yung Ben10 at Tom and Jerry pagkatapos ng news, huhuhu”

He shows tantrums whenever he wants to play on my cellphone, on the computer, on the arcade or when he wants something but I wouldn’t let him. I would say it can’t be or later or wait for your turn. Then he would say, “puro later, puro wait for your turn” and would start to cry. Iyakin din kasi yan, ewan ko ba kung kanino nagmana hehe.

What I don’t like the most is when we’re in the mall and he shows tantrums, he would sometimes sit on the floor and stay there. I would tell him to stand up or else I would leave him there. If he won’t stand up,Β I would ignore him and walk out. When he sees me walking away he has no choice but to obey. Β And if still he won’t obey, I tell him I would give him a key, as in kurot!

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20 thoughts on “Tantrums

  1. heheheh….talagang nagpapicture ng umiiyak..naku, la kasi ako pics ng mga kids na nagtatantrum…iyakin din pla si sean..hmmm, kanino ba nagmana yan? i remember yung mga first visit ko dito, ang alam ko pareha tayong iyakin eh..heheheh. baka sakin mana si sean francis hehehe

  2. Haha. cute ni sean umiyak.. tantrums sabi samen, pag nagiinarte ang bata ng ganyan.. wag lang daw pansinin.. tapos mag-voice out ka na parang may authority talaga.. πŸ™‚

    Ate panu ko aalisin if ever na may virus ang blog ko because sa theme na naupload.. ko πŸ™‚

    NEW BLOGPOST: pwede for kay sean.. ^.^

    • Uy, may virus nga blog mo, Jen, kasi na-blocked ako pagclick ko. Nang-aattack daw site mo with virus, according sa security settings ko. πŸ™

      • OO nga, kasi yung theme na na-upload nya dati meron daw virus pero natanggal nya na. Kanina nagvisit ako may warning pa rin. Sana maayos na para mkapag visit na rin ako dun. πŸ™‚

  3. Kahit ako may tantrums pa rin minsan, lol! Pero tama lang ginagawa mo na hindi ibigay ang lahat ng gusto niya dahil hindi rin mabuti yun. Mas ma-tantrum yata ang bata kapag nag-iisang anak lang.

    Btw, Amor, may award ako para sa yo. πŸ˜‰

    • Ako rin, may tantrums haha, at sinong nagsabing pambata lang yun haha. Minsan nga sinasabi ko sa kanya, sige mag tantrums ka jan, pag ako ang nagtantrums dito, lagot ka hehe. OO nga daw ganun kapag solo, kaya sabi nila dagdagan ko na, eh kaso wala nga next time na lang πŸ˜€

  4. ang cute nyang umiyak. pretty boy parin. hehe. ganyan din si greggy ko, pag hindi napagbigyan ng husto, naku iiyakan ako! pero sandali lang naman. pag di ko pinansin, titigil din. hehe. hindi sya masyadong iyakin pero he has his ways of getting all the things he wants. minsan, ako pa ang uutuin para lang makuha nya gusto nya. ako naman, magpapauto! hehe.

    • Ang hilig mambola ng mga bata ngayon haha, iyakin yan pero ang hilig mambola at magpalusot to get what he wants, minsan nakakalusot! πŸ˜€

    • haha, I took that picture to show him he's pangit when he cries. Sayang wala akong picture nung naka upo sya sa floor ng mall, as if naman pipicture-ran ko pa yun hehe.

    • Good for you na hindi ganun ang pamangkin mo. Okay lang din naman sa akin yung ganito kasi kahit nagtatantrums naman sya, most of the time ay sweet naman sya. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the visit.

  5. I can still remember when I was a kid, let’s just say that I know how to get what I want. Okay, brat na kung brat, but I got my fair share of keys growing up. Because of these tantrums. I just simply wanted a lot of stuff.

    Selfish thought if you’d ask me now, yet, I learned to wait. One of my doctor friends told me that I have been patient, well, in some instances and I learned when not to eat the marshmallow (if you know what I mean) πŸ˜‰

    Sean is a smart kid, I am sure he would learn how to control his tantrums soon enough. I guess, it’s overpowering for a kid to express his feelings like that.

    BTW, I also watch Ben 10 (now Ben ten alien force) LOL


    • At times he can control his tantrums but most of the time, not. He would say sorry naman afterwards. I know when he gets older he will learn how to wait naman.

      Ay naku si Ben 10 hehe, magkasama naman kami nanonood nyan pati yung Alien Force, kahit napanood na, watch pa rin sya over and over. He's happy nga coz November na daw, malapit na daw ang Ben10 Alien Swarm.

  6. Hi Amor..Happy Halloween. Sensya na kasi laging nawawala sa sarili hehehe. Yeah sobra hirap e deal ang tantrum especially in public naku po..gusto ko magtago hehehe! But thanks God I can handle my 3 boys easily.