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Getting Older, 30 at 30

I just turned 30 today, January 30. Hoping and asking God to give me another 30 years and more to live. Syempre I want to see my future apo at ka apu-apo-han pa eh!

Last Sunday, January 28, we had a mini-party in our house. Since I’ll be 30 I decided to make it something different naman. I thought that my birthday will just be an ordinary day if I won’t make an extra effort in making it different than ordinary days. Usually kasi when we have birthdays, we just eat out or I cook spaghetti or pancit canton and then we share it with cousins and relatives.

But since it’s my 30th birthday, I cooked kare-kare, fried chicken, lumpiang shanghai, buko pandan, etc. My sister Gina ordered kutsinta, puto, pichi-pichi, ube, maja and biko from her friend, sooobrang dami. My sister-in-law also shared her own version of local Baileys Irish Cream. We don’t have other guests, kami-kami lang, pinaka guest na namin ang mga cousin ni Sean.

We rented a videoke from 10AM to 10PM for 500 pesos. Hala! kantahan to the max ito!

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