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Invalid Clicks on Adsense

Last night while I was browsing my blog I accidentally clicked on the google ads for fatloss4idiots.

I was clicking some internal link and suddenly I was sent to fatloss4idiot site, I wondered why. Then I realized I might have clicked the ads unintentionally. When I hit the return button I saw that my blog have their ads. Prior to that, my mouse was not working properly. I know that’s the culprit.

Clicking on Google ads on your own site for any reason is strictly prohibited.

Afraid that Google Adsense would ban me for invalid clicks, I immediately emailed them and tell them what happened. I was honest enough to admit my mistake. Of course I don’t want to be banned! I’m just a newbie in Adsense. Although I signed up when I first bought my domain, I really don’t have enough knowledge what Adsense is all about. All I do then was sign-up.

I already received Google Adsense Teams’ reply, it says, “We appreciate your honesty and your continued efforts toward avoiding such clicks going forward.”

They offered AdSense Preview Tool which allows you to check the destination of ads on your page without the risk of invalid clicks. It enables you to have a look on what sort of ads will be displayed in your site.

7 thoughts on “Invalid Clicks on Adsense

    • Basta kapag own ads hindi dapat, pwede mo gawin pero baka madetect nila, yung iba kasi naba-ban dahil doon kahit hindi naman sila ang nagclick. Kaya nag sabi na ako kaagad sa kanila baka mamaya madetect pa nila sayang naman $1 ko as in $1 lang talaga no. 😀

    • @ate maylene, enga mukhang wla ng adsense blog mo.
      @amor, na accidentally click ko na din adsense ko, but didnt drop them an email, i think i should next time. thanks for telling me.

    • Forgot it already, but I think I got the email addy in one of their support pages. I tried searching for the email in my inbox but I couldn't find it.

  1. I’ve done that also. Freaked out the first time but once I read the Adsense TOS I realized it was ok so long as I didn’t make a habit of it.