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Attic Cat Star Jung Da Bin Committed Suicide

Jung Da BinI was watching 24 Oras News last night when I learned that Jung Da Bin is dead. She committed suicide. Here’s what I found in Wikipedia.

Jung was found dead by the police on February 10, 2007, 3 weeks before her 27th birthday, having been strangled with a towel at a friend’s house in the Samseong neighborhood of Seoul. The police are leaning toward suicide, however, they are not ruling out other possibilities yet. She suffered from clinical depression before her death.

Just before her death, her long-time boyfriend had broken up with her. Some of those close to her were noted as saying that she sported scars on her wrists from past suicide attempt(s), going back to her school days. There was also a suicide scare last September. Prior to her death, she posted two messages on her Cyworld page. The first said,

“[I thought] I was going to die because of the confusion. It felt like I would go crazy because I became angry for no reason…I cried because my head hurt so much… I almost became a slave of you, who would be angry from [my] irritability. I thought I would go mad from laughing and crying. I thought I lost myself, and I began to lose a part of my identity. As if something struck me, boom… Everything became serene. The Lord came…[He] silently makes me rise. [He] says that I am now fine. I am fine. ”

The second was a prayer thanking God for saving her and forgiving her.

Attic Cat - Jung Dabin as Noreen and Kim Rae Won as KevinAccording to the latest report, her death has been ruled as a suicide, a typical death caused by hanging from the neck, the Korea’s National Institute of Scientific Investigation said Monday after conducting an autopsy.

I have always liked Jung Da Bin, but I know her more as Noreen Han, her character in Attic Cat, a Korean romantic comedy series aired in GMA 7 almost 2 years ago. She stars with Kim Rae Won as Kevin Lee.

Rest in peace Noreen! We will surely miss you!

24 thoughts on “Attic Cat Star Jung Da Bin Committed Suicide

  1. ???…,, sayang naman wala na sya pero mananatili parin syang buhay sa puso ko pati mga koreanovelas nya…???

  2. while i was searching for Korean Celebs nakita ko to.. & i was shocked, as in, now ko lang xa nalaman talaga na wala na si "Noreen" ng AC at M19yoSIL.. pati yung si "Betsy" ng ARL . . 9:44 ..

    meron pa idagdag mo dyan –si Jang Ja Yeon ng Boys Over Flowers :'((

    • Bakit ba ang dami sa kanilang nag su-suicide? I didn't kow about JJY of BoF death, siguro dahil hindi ko pa sya kilala noon. Unlike Noreen and Betsy na nasubaybayan ko talaga yung soap nila.

  3. grabe… nakakaiyak 22o pala na nagsuicide si noreen ng adik cat. fav ko pa naman sa sya may 19yrsold sister in law.. ganda ganda pa naman nya dun…
    God Bless..

  4. i was so shock back then.. and now, another korean actor commits suicide.. the one who starred in endless love winter sonata..

    i dont know whats with them, they all seem to have all and yet they chose to end their own lives.. i dont get it..

    i think its good for the koreans to hang out here in phils, may they acquire some of our traits..

    • OO nga, nakakagulat, nakakalunggkot. Pang ilan na ba sya? He's Raymond sa Winter Sonata diba? Hay naku, sayang ang buhay.

  5. when i heard about her death i never thought that it is true but when the time i read in internet about her death i was so disappointed its almost 3 years ago since i heard that issue and now i have proven that it is true rest in peace to jung da bin wherever she is right now…

    • Mukha ngang marami pang di aware na wala na sya. Ano kaya naisip nila, masyado sigurong depressed. Nakakalungkot.

  6. hayss ang gaganda pa naman ng mga movie nya, nakakalungkot naman, masyado sya kung magmahal.