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Bruce Willis Fan

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

I should be posting something else earlier today, but when I turned on the TV and saw tonight’s schedule of Star Movies, I decided to watch it. There’s a marathon of Bruce Willis’ movies from Tears of the Sun, Die Hard 1, 2, 3 and 4.0. But I didn’t watch all of it, I wish I have time to watch it all. I just watched the Die Hard with a Vengeance ‘coz I haven’t seen it ever since.

I didn’t like Bruce Willis before, I don’t know why. I didn’t even bother watching his Die Hard series and other films then. I like Demi Moore, she’s so darn pretty, but Bruce, no! For me he looks so brusque, just like his name. I don’t know why that was my perception of him during my younger years, haha!



But when I saw Armageddon, oh my! I became an instant fan. He made me cry at the last part when he pushes AJ (Ben Affleck) back into the hatch and closes the door. I was crying when he said It’s my turn now. Okay, kid you go take care of my little girl now. That’s your job. Always thought of you as a son. Always. But, I’d be damn proud to have you marry Grace. I love you, boy. Bye son. And also when he contacts Grace at NASA headquarters and they exchange last goodbyes. I can watch this over and over and still cry, haha! I also love The Sixth Sense.

Now, whenever I watch TV and his film is being shown, I try my best to watch it. I realized I should have not ‘judged’ him first without seeing any of his film.

I should have not judged him before because first, I am not a judge, and second, he is not a book. Di ba Melanie? 😀

5 thoughts on “Bruce Willis Fan

    • That’s for real… talagang marathon ng Die Hard kagabi sa Star Movies. Pero yung Die Hard 3 lang at last part ng part 2 ang pinanood ko. I would want to watch the other movies sna kaya lang iba ang gustong panoorin ni Sean, kaya nag give in ako.

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  2. Hihii! Ako naman gusto ko si Bruce Willis, pero ni isang Die Hard films niya di ko napapanood, palibhasa di die hard fan. Ang ibang films lang niya ang napanood ko. At talagang guwapo rin siya when he was younger pala. Ang isang film na inuulit kong panoorin ay Blind Date, hehee, comedy kasi.

    • dati di ko rin pinapansin yung die hard pero simula nga nung naging gusto ko na sya eh pinapanood ko na kapag palabas sa tv, haha!