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I Hate Chain Letters and Urban Legends Email!

There’s a chain letter that is circulating in my Friendster’s Bulletin Board that says you must re-post it with the word RIP then your name, your birthday, dash (-) and the current date. If you’re not going to do as stated, one of your loved ones will die in 3 days with a horrible sickness! But if you repost it, the one you love will love you forever. Surprisingly I’ve seen around 3 posts with their name date of birth and date of ‘death’ as the subject… Obviously, they believed in that chain letter.

When I first saw that post, I didn’t know what it was all about. Honestly, I was kinda annoyed that I read such message. Not that I’m afraid of the ‘curse’ it will bring you if you won’t repost it. I feel that some people who have ‘decided’ to repost it have such a little faith. How could an email or a post from your friendster Bulletin can take any of your loved one’s life? Who ever originated that chain letter must be laughing out loud because he have succeeded in whatever is his reason for doing such.

I remember when I was still new in Friendster I received a post with a Latin word in it that says it’s a curse, if you won’t post it you will die… blah blah! I did post it without thinking twice. After few days I saw that post again, it was then that I realized I shouldn’t have posted it back… and I felt guilty for that. I think I learned my lesson well. Now, whenever I receive chain letters I just ignore and delete them.

I do forward emails, but I prefer to forward funny, educational and also inspirational emails. But chain letters, hoaxes and urban legends? I hate them! They’re all junk so they deserve to be deleted.

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