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Still Not Receiving Emails

I’m still not receiving emails. I thought that when I login to my webmail today, I can read new emails, but to my dismay, there’s none. I checked my webhost’s answer to my tickets but I was more disappointed, and agitated.

Last Sunday, I forwarded (again) yahoo’s failure notice to philhosting’s support department hoping that this time they have solution to my problem. Are they really reading my tickets? If they are, why do I feel they’re not really paying attention to the tickets I submitted?

On October 5, I submitted my first ticket regarding my email problem. The ‘support person A ‘ who answered my ticket asked

Are you using MS outlook as your primary mail server? Please try to check your settings. Also can you please provide us your email and password so we could test ping.

I told him I did not change anything in Outlook. And that there’s also no email in Horde or Squirrel webmail. My BoxTrapper Spam Trap queue is also empty when it used to be full of spam. I also mentioned that when I tried to send from my yahoo addy, I received an error message saying temporary local problem. I also sent my login details so they can ‘test-ping’ as he mentioned.

But did they actually test-pinged my email? I don’t know!.. don’t have idea, really! They didn’t inform me what’s the result or was there any problem, or was it just my imagination? Haha! I was expecting I would hear from them about the “test-ping”…. I deserve to know because I was requesting them to check my email.

Another ‘support person B’ replied

Kindly send us the header of the delayed email so we can check.

But I didn’t hear anything from them when I sent the header details.

I was trying to catch their attention once more when I submitted another ticket last Oct. 12… but nobody answered that ticket.

My last submtted ticket was last sunday Oct. 14 when I forwarded yahoo’s failure notice (again). And on Monday I received an answer from the same ‘support person A’ asking me if

Is there any problem your mail? Are you using MS outlook or webmail.

Hello! Anybody there!??? I submitted tickets and forwarded yahoo’s failure notice a couple of times, and there you are asking me such stupid question? Am I having problem with my email? Isn’t it obvious? How many times should I send ticket so they would give attention and resolve my problem?

Would I be bugging them if I am not having problem with my email? Of course not! Now, I am so pissed off!

4 thoughts on “Still Not Receiving Emails

  1. I’ve been out for school. Anyway, I sent you a message as reply. Let me personally check it:)

  2. It’s been 3 days now since you posted this, sis. Wala pa rin ba? There must be an inside-problem which they can’t tell you or they won’t tell you.