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Small Business

My friends and I thought of putting up a small business so we could have extra income. Last month we attended seminar/training on how to make dishwashing liquid, detergent powder and  fabric conditioner. Initially, we started selling some of our products to our fellow mommies in school. We also offered our products to different laundry shops and hostels. We were amazed at how easily it is to earn money from this kind of products. We thought we should have started it before. We’ve been friends since our kids were in kindergarten, and our kids are now in first grade. But, hey it’s not yet late.  It’s been a month already and so far, so good!

Now, we’re planning to:

  • subscribe to a small business phone  so we can easily connect with our customers and business partners. This will greatly improve our customer service, communications and productivity as well since we can communicate with them from virtually any location.
  • rent a small space where we can stock our finished products.
  • attend more training so we can add more products to sell.

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