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My Kiddie Chef

Sean won 1st place in the Cooking Contest Breakfast Category held on July 23 for their Nutrition Month activity. He bested Grades 5 and 6. 🙂

My Kiddie Chef

My Kiddie Chef

They were asked who want to join the cooking contest, and to choose which category; breakfast, lunch, snack and dessert. Sean chose breakfast and listed fried rice, hotdog and sunny-side-up egg as his entry. We were told to submit a video of him cooking those food along with the entry, of course. The food tasted good esp the fried rice, just enough amount of minced garlic. He won against his 2 classmates from Grade 4.

They were given list of allowed ingredients to use, two days before the contest. Using other ingredients not listed would disqualify them. Aside from the ingredients, contestants also had to bring everything, cooking utensils, tools, etc. I asked him what would be his entry, he wanted fried rice again with bacon and eggs, but we agreed he prepare sandwich instead because I find that easier to make. His entry: Breakfast in Bread. (Egg, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Cucumber with Cheese Sandwich). Guess what was the entry of Grade 5 and 6 contestants? Fried rice! 😀

Before  the contest, Sean looked tensed, I asked if he’s nervous and he said he is, who wouldn’t be? I just smiled and said ‘ginusto mo yan eh, kaya mo yan!’.

He looked even more tensed during the contest. His classmates were cheering at him. Happy and proud he won. His other classmate, May, won in the lunch category.

Awarding Ceremony was held 2 weeks later. His Daddy asked what he want as gift for winning the contest and he said Minecraft XBox.

Selfie with the mommie.



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