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Moving Up Program – Reach for the Stars

Sean ‘graduated’ from Kinder 1 in PNU CTL last March 15, and he is moving up to Kinder 2 in the coming school year. 🙂 They had a small program at the school auditorium. What I like about their moving up program is that all of the kids participated.

Moving Up Invitation

Moving Up Invitation

Uno Porcare - Opening Remarks

Uno Porcare ~ Opening Remarks

Each child were given the opportunity to have a role. Emcee, Opening Prayer, Opening and Closing Remarks. Speeches were written by their teacher, Teacher Jaimmy Griffins. Other kids (including Sean) danced to the tune of “What Dreams Are Made Of“, while others sang “Reach for the Stars“.

best in reading ribbon

Teacher Jaimmy gave out awards to each child like Best in Academics,  Best in Reading, Best in Science, Best in Writing, Most Punctual, Most Friendly, Most Active, etc.

On one of the last parts of the program, the kids sang “Thank You” and gave out roses to their parents. I was so teary eyed! Didn’t see anyone with dry eyes anyway, hehe!

At the end of the program Teacher thanked the parents for entrusting the children to her.

Sean - Best in Reading

Best in Reading

Carl Dalumpines ~ Best in Academics ~ Emcee

There were no Top Ten in the class and that’s because they do not give number grades. The children were evaluated based on narrative reports or a checklist. Real number grades starts in Grade 1.

Descriptive Evaluation Card

Descriptive Evaluation Card

I personally like this approach since I find it more specific. Like for example, Sean could have 98 or 100 in his tests but his “Listens attentively” evaluation had I for Improving on the First Quarter. At the end of the school year, it was already VS – Very Satisfactory. Although he got O – Outstanding in “Adds Numbers with the sum of 1-10” he got VS in “Subtracts numbers with the difference of 1-10“.

He was a little confused on his last Math Test with subtraction. He got it perfectly when the given number was like “10-4” but his teacher tried a different approach on the last 5 numbers and used a drawing. I wonder why Sean wasn’t able to get it when I thought it’s much easier. Other kids got it right. I was so dismayed when Sean wrote “0-0=0” in all 5 numbers. It’s like, hey! where did you get this? He got one correct though, coz one of the right answers was “7-7=0” and since his final answer was zero, his teacher considered that correct. 😀

On the 3rd Quarter evaluation, Teacher’s comment on Sean was

“Very good in reading, however should try to work/finish his work on time”

Haha! that’s because he either play first or play while doing seat work. At one time, he was the last one to go out of the room coz he’s not finished yet. I was waiting outside and wondering what’s taking him so long when almost all of his classmates were already outside.

12 thoughts on “Moving Up Program – Reach for the Stars

  1. congrats po to sean…i knew all along na magkakaaward siya, and I was not surprised when he was awarded best in reading pa..kasi nga magaling na talagang mag basa si sean di ba? congrats mommy amor!!! keep it up, sean. (basta talaga mga sean magagaling eh..hehehe)

  2. Congrats, Sean! wow, Best in Reading! Galing naman…Ok talaga sistema sa PNU. Last week nga nag-preschool hunting kami coz we're transferring Greggy to another school this year. Napaka-tamad ng teacher nya e. Sakit sa ulo.
    Naturingang private school. Hays.

  3. I would not be surprised if Sean got the Best in Reading Award. I have seen the video you posted when he was reading. Magaling talaga siya. Congratulations, Sean!

    Parang pinaghalong Piaget at Freud ang nakatala sa Evaluation nila, which is good. Number grades are not really suited to young learners. Mahirap pang i-concentrate ang ganyang edad sa Maths problems, pero makukuha din niya kapag nagsawa na sa paglalaro. 🙂

    • Thanks friend. I wasn't expecting that award coz Carl is really good in reading too, excels in all subjects plus masyadong bibo pa. He got the Best in Academics naman. Sayang nga walang honor list, kasi for sure Carl will be on top. He's been to Kinder 1 in a private school pero he wasn't accepted sa Kinder 2 in PNU last year kasi hindi tumatanggap ng transferee dun, you really have to start in Kinder 1 at kailangan nasa age bracket na 4-5. Since tama lang naman sa age nya coz he turned 5 last August kaya nag enroll na rin sila sa Kinder 1. O ayan, nag tsismis pa pala ako hehe.

      Now ko lang yata narinig si Piaget, pero semi-close ko na si Freud kasi familiar na yung name nya nabasa ko na somewhere before haha. That's interesting ha, buti na lang may internet mabilis mag search hehe.

      Piaget is a Swiss psychologist remembered for his studies of cognitive development in children pala. At sya ang nag develop ng Theory of Cognitive Development, ah, sya ba yun? Natatawa naman ako sa sarili ko, naalala ko na nabasa ko yung Sensorimotor stage at Pre-operational stage sa theory nya, pero di ko naalala si Piaget. Ito ang tinatawag na "not paying attention to details" or pwede ring memory gap. Haha, palusot much? 😀

  4. Ate Amor, Congrats sa inyo ni Sean. Paglaki nya podcasting ang forte kesa blogging, hehehe.

    Btw, yan ba yung teacher ni Sean na di mo nakunan ng pic noon? 😛 Ambata pa pala.

    • Thanks Kuya Kiko.
      Oo sya nga yan, bata pa, akala ko nga mas bata pa sa inakala ko eh, pero I'm 3 years older lang. 😛