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Sean Passed the PNU Interview

The title says it all. Sean passed the interview in the Philippine Normal University (PNU) last April 21. Thanks to all those who commented, wished and prayed with us.

We were told that the interview result will be released on April 24 and since we were in Baguio that time we decided to call the PNU Admission office. We were so excited to know the verdict, we rung the office just before we had our breakfast. But sadly, the one I spoke with told me to ring again later in the day. Duh… another hours of waiting.

So I rung again before 5pm and I was told they already have the result but it’s not yet approved or signed by whoever, so I have to call again the next day, Saturday. I confirmed if they’re open on Saturday and she said they are.

Before lunch time the next day, I rung to ask if they already have the result of the interview. When I told him the surname, he confirmed by saying Sean’s full name and he said Congratulations! Please come back on April 28 for Medical and Dental Exam.

We didn’t tell Sean yet, we even teased him that he didn’t pass the interview and that we will be looking for other school. But he’s insisting he passed the interview. I asked him when, he said “noong isang araw pa!”

32 thoughts on “Sean Passed the PNU Interview

  1. congrats! ang galing ng anak mo,may pinagmanahan. 🙂
    God bless. Sana masundan nyo na eldest nyo. hehehe

  2. wow! congratz.. yan ang mga dapat pinagcecelebrate.. PNU? as in Philippine Normal Univ?.. dba mga teacher dun.. kadalasan,,.

    • Thank you. Before he took the exam last March we kept on telling him to “think think think” before he write the answer. And when we asked him after the exam he said he doesn’t have to think twice or thrice because he already knows the answer. 😀

  3. nabasa ko impluwensiya ng kamag-anak kaya mo pinag-aral si sean sa PNU. I agree. May mga friends ako na galing PNU, dun sila nag HS at magagaling talaga sila.

    Sayang malayo lang kami, kung malapit lang kmi jan ko rin sana pag-aralin mga kids ko…:)

  4. to mommy amor and to all moms who have been visiting this site, happy mother’s day to all!!!