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Baby Games: The Dropping Game

This is one of the games that have kept my baby busy when he was younger. Now he is using the shape sorter, and honestly he have learned to master it.

The Dropping Game

What you’ll need:

  • clean plastic bottle, jar or container with lid
  • clothespin,film cans, other toys that will fit in the bottle’s hole. Make sure it isn’t small enough to be swallowed by your baby.

What your baby will learn:

  • Eye-hand Coordination
  • Cause and Effect

What to do:

  • Show your baby how to drop the toys one by one into the bottle and screw on the lid. He will enjoy shaking the container with all the toys inside.
  • Let him remove the lid or do it for him if he can’t open it it on his own yet. Shake the toys out and let him drop them again one by one.
  • Let him do it again and again until he gets tired of the game.
  • For variety, try using a shoebox. Cut holes in the lid of a shoebox and let your baby drop the toys in the box.

NOTE: For older babies (6 Months to 1 Year +), use shape sorter toy, this one is much better as it also teaches your baby the different shapes and colors.

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