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My New Template

If you’ve been to this site before, you will see that I am using a new template.

I told you last time that I have finished designing my template but still not done with the 50++ pages. And I was using tables then, so it’s quite easy, what I lack was my time.

But I had to start again from scratch as I decided to use pure CSS. It gave me some sleepless nights just to make sure it appears the same in the 3 browsers that I have, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. Haven’t checked it with Netscape though.

Such a headache when I couldn’t see it exactly as I wanted it to be. I am just starting with CSS and XHTML. Maybe it’s ‘chicken’ or easier for most of you, but not me, I find it quite hard, especially in positioning. A simple error keep me up the whole night only to find out it’s just a typo error.

And what’s worst is, when I was about to upload this new template, I mistakenly overwritten my WordPress theme stylesheet without double checking. What a heck! So stupid of me ‘coz I didn’t have a backup of this stylesheet. I had to start again. I thought it will take forever. But here it is, uploaded, at last!

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8 thoughts on “My New Template

  1. eLLo? Hi Amor! Nice web site layout sis, Ok ung Adsense colors, Web Banners, site color, specially your wordpress template, I Like the way you incorporate your wordpress template sa website’s main page layout mo. Great job!


  2. Hi Glenn! Thanks for all the nice words. Akala ko di ko na to ma-a-upload, buti na lang natapos din. Wla kasi akong time mag computer ng matagal lately.
    God Bless!

  3. Hello Amor,

    Very nice ang bagong website mo. Ganda ng mga colors, galing ng blog.. naka-CMS ba ung ‘inspirational’ page mo? Impressive ang pagkagawa ng CSS mo.. paturo po? hehe. Congrats! i-bookmark ko to. 🙂

  4. Hi Ron! Thanks for the complement! Hindi naka CMS ung inspirational page, although balak ko next time cguro mag CMS na ako, include() lang ginamit ko… Paturo? Haha! Sure… ikaw nga itong mas marami alam eh! 🙂

  5. Hello!! Ive just read your profile and found out that you took your masteral on IT at T.I.P. Well im a proud to say that im also a product of that school (Q.C. Branch). I started on 1995 and finish on 2000 taking up BS ECE.

    Very nice site of yours..ginagawa ko rin bago kung template using the opens ource e710 web development. Kay lang masyado pang maraming trabaho sa office kaya di ko matutukan masyado. >>>> thanks nga pala sa pagbisita sa bayay nako it yawa-yawa..

  6. Thanks Clifford! 🙂

    Actually it’s in TUP. But I have friends who also graduated in TIP. Yung Masteral, 6 units lang naman yun… 9 sana pero hindi ako nag-pass ng project dun sa isang subject. 😛 at ska di ko na rin tinuloy… pagka tamar ano!

    Daming magandang features ang site mo, esp. yung tutorials at downloads. Keep it up!

  7. Im sorry I missread the TUP kala ko TIP, actually ginawa ko ung tutorial para sakin ma refresh ko ung mga napag aralan ko na di ko magamit sa trabaho ko. Di ko na masyadong ma-update ung site kasi dami gawa sa office tapos kapapanganak lang ng misis ko. But i am planning to change my template sooner or later kung meron na akong time..

    Your site is really cool..sarap balik balikan..=))

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