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Nervous and Excited

We’re nervous and excited not just because of our forthcoming vacation in Baguio but because we don’t know yet if Sean passed the interview in the Philippine Normal University (PNU) for Kindergarten. We will know the result on April 24.

He passed the PNU Admission Test last March 31 and he was interviewed this morning. There were 40 successful examinees and the school will only have to get 20 students for Kinder1. I can’t explain how I felt during the test last March and during the interview. I can’t put my feelings into words. I was nervous as if I’m the one in the hot seat!


I asked Sean what he did during the interview. He said he was asked to write the numbers 1-10, A-Z and his Fullname. He was also asked about his family. I don’t know what were the other questions. I kept on asking him but he doesn’t cooperate anymore. Maybe I should try asking him again tomorrow, haha! And when asked if he would pass the interview, he said he will. I really hope so!

We hope and pray that Sean will pass the interview so he could enroll in PNU. Or else we will be looking for another school.

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  1. So did he pass? My sister took entrance exam at PNU too as college freshman. Fortunately, she passed.

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