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Affected Much?

A certain Melanie Dayrit commented on this site about Free IQ test. She’s so affected with our ‘low scores’ that she had the nerve to call us idiots. Affected much? And so what if your score is 156? Did that give you a license to look down on us and tell us how bobo and idiots we are? And what do you mean 156? Is this the 156 you are bragging about?

Free IQ Test

You certainly have problems with your eyes girl. I can plainly see it’s 151 and not 156.

melanie dayrit's comments

As for my test result, I was happy that I got 136 coz it’s  already in the Gifted category. I’m pretty sure I am not gifted in any way, and that taking that free IQ test was just for fun and nothing serious. Did you ever read the post and my replies to the comments too? I said that was only chamba and can’t believe people are taking me seriously just because I got 136.

I have the right not to approve your comments because your comments are full of trash words.  But I just approved it and added link to your Facebook profile too so people would know who you are. Some of the commenters got scores lower than mine, while others got scores as high as 160 but they just brushed it off and didn’t make it such a big deal.

I may not have 156 in the IQ test result, but who cares? I wont even care if I got low scores fit for the “Severely challenged or even below average” category.

Melanie, don’t look down on other people just because you think they got pretty bad scores. You’re lucky or should I say, genius to have as high as 151 or 156. You’re a genius and you could use that to make this world a better place.

Don’t look down on other people because you never know if someone is looking down on you too!

9 thoughts on “Affected Much?

  1. It was probably her first time on the web. Forgive her souls, (if she has any) hahaha. Cool lang Mami Amor. 🙂 Sya na ang may 151 o 156 na IQ. And it shows much! Haha. Happy Monday :*

    • Hahaha. I lost my cool, hinanap ko nga, di ko lang makita kaya nakapag post ako nito. I visited her FB profile, it has plenty of IQ quiz results and English Grammar tests. I won't be surprised if babalik sya dito to check my grammar naman, naku mauubos time nya kaka check, daming errors pa naman hehe.

  2. I agree with kitty, please forgive her……internet community is full of that sort of persons. simply ignore them and pray god to give them some sort of peace in their mind.

    You are a genius ( dot Com Guru is saying that 🙂 )

  3. wag mo na lang pansinin, sis. you don't have to explain yourself to anyone. it doesn't matter what this person thinks about you — only God's opinion matters.

  4. wow, 156? (or 151?) galing naman nya…i forgot na kung ilan ang nakuha ko sa test na ito. hehehe.. anyway, di lang naman po IQ ang importante pati EQ din. she may have scored perfectly sa IQ test but failed EQ. Sabi nga nila : "EQ gets you through life while IQ gets you through school "