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My Wishlist

1. Broadband Connection. Currently I am using a dial-up connection and as expected it’s very very slow. Although I am using a 56kbps modem, my connection speed is only 31.2 kbps no more no less. I have tried almost all Internet Card around from PLDT Vibe to Surfmaxx, ISP Bonanza, Blast to name a few. Downloading programs and script over the internet takes almost forever.

I want to have a broadband internet connection, like DSL or Digital Subscriber Line. We have a PLDT phone at home and PLDT MyDSL is a good choice but there are stll lot of things to consider. I’ve read feedback from users about PLDT MyDSL’s lack of technical support and the reliability of service. My sister-in-law is a subscriber and there were times that they can not connect for few days, sometimes, it would take more than a hundred re-dials.Sony HandyCam

2. Digital Video Camera/Handycam. Last year Francis wanted to buy a handycam when he was in Europe but I declined, saying it’s expensive buying there. I told him to buy here when he gets home, just because I thought it’s cheaper here. End of the story? We didn’t buy it because when he compared the prices, it turned out to be much expensive than the one he wanted to purchase abroad.

Whenever we talk about it, he would sometimes joke that it’s my fault why he didn’t buy the video camera. He said he’d buy next time and won’t ask for my second opinion. I’m glad he’s not so fond of browsing the net so there’s a little chance that he’ll read this post. 😛

Wow Magic Sing3. Magic Sing. Majority of Filipinos love singing, and we’re one of them. We don’t care if we can carry a tune or not, hehe… but modesty aside, we can.. 😛 Videoke is a good entertainment piece during parties. I think party is not a party without a videoke. Magic sing is a videoke in a microphone.

My sister who is working abroad asked me to buy this last 2005 and we sent it to her. It’s quite expensive then, 12k+ for the magic sing and 3.5k++ for each song chips, but for someone who loves to sing, this one’s worth buying. Last time I checked on their website, they lowered the magic sing price to $176, that’s almost 9k in Peso.

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