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Magic Sing

A magic sing, at last! But hey, it’s not really mine, or should I say, it’s not really ours… but my sister’s. 😛 She already had a Wow magic sing abroad, but because she’ll be here for vacation in few days time, she asked us to buy another magic sing since she won’t be bringing the old one.

When we went to SM Manila this morning to buy some stuff… and to take advantage of SM’s 3 day sale… we decided to buy the Extreme Magic Sing at SM Appliance Center. My hand got tired in writing my details in the raffle coupon, how I wish I’m one of the lucky winners… if not, better luck next time!

Right after we arrived at home, Sean immediately asked me to operate the magic sing. He said he wants to sing Barney’s song “I Love you, you love me”, but I told him it’s not in the list. We were not able to sing at first ‘coz he won’t give us the microphone. He’s singing his own version of his favorite nursery rhymes. He is so delighted hearing his own voice.

With the magic sing just around the corner, there’s no need for us to rent videoke machine whenever there’s a party or whenever we want to sing. 🙂

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