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Busy as a Bee

I’m quite busy nowadays, kelan nga ba hindi? haha! Busy sa offline at online life. Teka sino nga ba ang hindi busy? Halos lahat naman yata tayo busy-busihan mode diba?

I am planning to do a lot of things like designing a new template for this blog and my hometown’s site, pero so far, isa pa lang nauumpisahan ko. Ewan lang kung kelan ko matatapos yun, after 100 years ulit? Naman! What else is new, lagi namang ganun.

Anyway, if you’re into paid posting, read Sasha’s warning – BEWARE of Blog-for-Bucks!!! I was a victim too. Kainis! I emailed them twice about the payment I should have received last month, but they didn’t reply. I deleted their links to my post, para que pa? They can go to hell with my $15! Saksak nila sa baga nila!

10 thoughts on “Busy as a Bee

  1. Amor, I’ve just read Shasha’s post. I’ve also done posts for BfB, but it was Michelle Go who contacted me. Contrary to you and other’s case, I got my 15$, hehehe! It was between January and February yun. But I’m taking this as a warning at di na rin siguro ako magrereply sa offer nila. 🙁

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  2. Thanks Bluep, Jessie and Marlene for your comments. Mabuting maging aware tayo sa mga ganyang manloloko. Buti ka pa nga Marlene, nabayaran ka pero yung mga huli, hindi na. As mentioned in Sasha’s post nga, may binigay na reason si Michelle Go, pero unbelievable nmn, ano ba yan. Anyway, move on na ako jan. Sana first and last panloloko na sa akin yan. Haha!

    Thanks Keith. Welcome to my site. There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you barely know HTML.There are lots of tutorials around to help you get started if you want to and if you have time.:)

  3. Thank you Shanker. I would want to design new templates but my schedule doesn’t permit me to. But I hope I’ll be able to create new themes, one of these months. 🙂

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  4. I’m into paid posting too. Luckily, everything is doing well… I hope I won’t get to experience what happened with you. I’ll take it as a caveat.