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Sean’s Handwriting

This is Sean’s handwriting, written on May 2. 🙂 We asked him to write his name on a Manila Paper. He knows how to write the name Sean by himself. He doesn’t know how to write his other names and his surname so we dictated the letters to him.

Sean\'s handwriting

Now at 3 years 2 months, he can write his full name without help. In the pictures below, Sean shaped the play dough to mold his name.

Seans Francis Keith

All done!

He will be going to Nursery on July. We’re all excited to see him on his first day at school. He is super kulit, I won’t be surprised if his teacher would always tell him “Bring your mother”! haha! Lagot! 😀

7 thoughts on “Sean’s Handwriting

  1. Ang laki naman ng papel, manila paper talaga, hehee, at tatlo pala ang pangalan niya. Marunong na nga siya ng mga letters ng alphabet even before dahil kuha niya dictate ninyo. Bakit sa July, di ba pasukan na ngayon diyan?

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  2. OO, pasukan na nga dito, pero sila Sean sa July pa daw. Bukas may meeting kami sa daycare center, matanong ko nga ulit kung bakit… di ko kasi maalala yung sinabi nya dati hehe.

    Welcome back Shanker! Yes, I just noticed it. 🙂

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    Sean’s Handwriting

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  4. I keep on surfing the web, just for past time, til I came here. This blog caught my attention, since I have a 4 yr old son also. But sad to say, he isn't that good in school. Aside from that, lagi siyang walang gana to study. We supported him all the way, pero ayaw niya talaga. But even though he's like that, we still love him very much. Anyways, you're very blessed with you child. 😀