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Missing You

Missing You

This is one of the hardest moments in my life. It’s even harder now that Sean’s growing so fast and yet you won’t be here everyday to see him, play with him and guide him. But that’s how life goes for us.

Take care always. May God bless you and keep you safe and away from all the dangers. We’ll be waiting for you when you return before Sean turns four next year.

We terribly miss you, Daddy!
I Miss You

6 thoughts on “Missing You

  1. Don’t be sad, time flies so fast that you wouldn’t know he’ll be there standing infront of your door sooner than you expected. Take care and just keep yourself busy.

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    Happy Birthday Cuz!

  2. That is sad, but it is true…it is the reality in life and better face it. I have plans also working abroad, pero kapag naiisip ko ang pamilya ko lalona yung anak ko….nanghihina ako. Parang diko kayang iwan sila.Cgro in time.

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  3. If only the Philippines was good enough and economically stable, then we wouldn’t have to leave it at all. 88 million Filipinos are starving left and right. That’s the reality of things here.

  4. I guess it’s your hubby leaving for work again, Amor. I know how it feels cos my best friend’s hubby is a seaman before and had to be away for months. But he’s at home now for good after the “sliding” incident sa boat ba. Don’t be so sad for Sean’s sake. He’ll be sad, too when he sees her mommy’s sad.

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  5. Kap…thanks po, I’ll be keeping myself busy with Sean and other things. Life would have been more difficult for me without Sean.

    hi Nilo, thanks for your comment. Hubby started working abroad in late 80’s, I have not even graduated in elementary then, haha. I already have accepted the fact that it’s the nature of his job that he has to go abroad. Pero still kapag umaalis sya, I can’t help but feel sad. 🙁

    David, you’re absolutely right. We have more than 5 relatives working abroad, if only our country is economically stable, they need not leave.

    Marlene, buti pa yung friend mo, her hubby would stay here for good na. Hubby also had an accident last year, nahulog sya sa hagdan kaya nag karoon ng fracture sa talus(critical bone of the ankle joint). Naoperahan na sya at okay na syang maglakad gaya ng dati. Yun din ang nakakatakot sa work nila, kaya we leave everything to God.