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A Year After

I don’t know what to post yet, so I’ll just share with you my blog entry in Friendster on August 16, 2006….

It’s been a year since my last post here in my Friendster blog.

So what happened to me after one year? Nothing really, except that I gained more weight. Well, I really am ‘heavy’ even before, but now, I am in my heaviest, to think I am barely five feet…I think I am obese na. It’s hard to lose weight if you have underactive thyroid… but it’s harder to lose weight if you don’t have discipline… I wonder where i could buy that…:P

What’s keeping me busy nowadays? Aside from taking care of my 1 year 5 months baby Sean, I am kinda busy re-designing my Personal Website. I already have finished the design around May but have not finished editing the 50++ pages because of lack of time, and maybe because I’m also lazy. 😀

I only get to use the PC when Sean is asleep. He would nap for 30 minutes, I think the longest was 4 hours… but that’s very rare. When he sleeps at night that’s the time I could really use the computer, but if I feel exhausted and sleepy, I just go to sleep. If I go online and see some interesting topic or article, I completely forget I am doing something.

Sean’s so makulit now. Obviously, I can’t use the pc when he’s around. He would either pull or push the keyboard or push the power button while I was busy typing. Sometimes he would climb at my lap and strike the keyboard to his heart’s content.

Sometimes I would let him watch educational videos/shows like Barney, Dora, Backyardigans, Jollibee video, Baby Songs and other Nursery Rhymes, to get himself occupied so he won’t disturb me. It’s kinda effective ‘coz he would sit still for few minutes, or dance along with the video. But from time to time, as if he’s checking on me, he will call me ‘mama’ and sit on my lap and start typing, or should i say, banging the keyboard. I have no choice but to turn the PC off. You see, I rarely use the computer when he’s awake… we would play, dance, sing, read or watch his videos instead.

I said “re-design” because I had to start from scratch, as I decided to use pure CSS, no tables at all. When I designed my new template last May (and in my current template), I used table-based layout. I only used CSS before to give a different look to the scroll bars, to remove underlines in the links, etc. but now I am using CSS the way it should be used, to define colors, fonts, layout, etc.

It gave me some sleepless night as I was up all night coding and testing to Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera browsers. I haven’t tested it in Netscape so I’m not sure how it looks like but hopefully it’s okay.

I find it quite hard (I am a slow learner btw) trying to figure out what’s wrong with my CSS and XHTML code why it can’t display exactly as I want it to be. Few errors, mostly typographical are the culprits, like missing comma, semi-colon; period. or start } and begin {.

I am also having problems with PHP. I downloaded shoutbox and rate code last year. I was able to use it ‘successfully’ in my website, but last august my webhost upgraded their PHP to I forgot which version, and suddenly it’s not working. I don’t know what’s wrong with the code, maybe there’s just a ‘slight’ error in it… I hope i know someone good in php who can fix the errors. 🙂 or else, I have no choice, Ican’t include that code anymore. Sayang, I use the rate code so my visitor could rate my poems and the submitted poems… but am still hoping it will work.

Hopefully before September ends, I can upload my new template. I have plans of adding blog in my website too. I already installed WordPress, but am still studying it.

Anywho, I haven’t told you but, I joined a t-shirt design contest in Girltalk few months ago, most of the forumers voted my design. So I won! 🙂 I wonder how would I feel if I bump a fellow Girltalker wearing that shirt. Am kinda excited. I’ll receive my tee end of this month… can’t wait to wear it…

My hubby Francis will be home 2nd week of October, he’s been away for 9 months coz of the nature of his work. He said when he gets home he’s the one who’s going to take care of Sean… hahaha… 2 na clang pasaway. Am also excited to see my two boys playing.

Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for your time reading…:) take care and God bless!

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