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Home Repairs and Makeover

One of my favorite episodes in ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover is about the Vardon Family. The couple Judy and Larry are both deaf and their 12 year old son Lance is blind and autistic. The show’s design team completely reconstructed their ordinary house into a dream house equipped with the latest in communications, technology and safety devices for people with hearing loss. The Vardon Family is lucky to have been featured in the show, and they truly deserve the makeover. I was sobbing while watching that episode. The house transformation was impressive!

As for our own house, we don’t need a makeover. Not yet. We love it as it is, but there is something that needs to be fixed up, from faulty appliances to plumbing leak. We can do some of the repairs ourselves, but there are repairs that are better left with the experts.

Take the hassle out of repairing. For problems beyond your do-it-yourself ability, you can rely on dependable licensed professionals equipped to answer your service needs.

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