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Broadband Internet, at Last!

Finally we have broadband internet connection at home. And that’s after more than a year of waiting for the installation of PLDT DSL to take place. For five years I am using dial up connection. I’ve tried almost all internet cards available at the store nearby. I could only experience high speed internet if I would rent outside.

When tested at on the day it was installed, the speed was 477kbps. When I checked it a while ago, it’s 455kbps. Not bad when I am used to 56kbps, haha!

By the way, I am using the PLDT Phone + DSL Bundle Plan. For now I am enjoying every bit of this ‘experience’ as I can visit more sites, especially those that requires high speed connections.

15 thoughts on “Broadband Internet, at Last!

  1. In India one company Bharti Airtel Ltd is fooling around people by selling 128 KBPS line as broadband connections. later they cheat people by even not giving this speed too. But we are habitual of all these things. People do cheat in india using wrong mean in advertising and viral marketing and lots of people enjoy being fooled by others.

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  2. Fren,

    At this time I shifted from smartbro to Digitel DSL. It was a terrible mistake! Digitel DSL sucks big time. Naku, putol-putol ang connection ko fren kanya nawawalan ako nang ganang mag-online. I thought they would change (the speed and reliability of my internet connection) but they have only gotten worse for the past two weeks now.

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  3. Ako nmn so far eh wala pang problem sa PLDT DSL. Maliban sa bill na ginulat ako sa laki, dahil sa cost of equipment daw. Hopefully next month eh mas mababa na, compared ngayon.

  4. Fren,

    Naku, up to now problematic ako. Pag nagka-PLDT DSL dito sa area namin tlgang lilipat ako.

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