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12 thoughts on “Customize WordPress 2.5 Login Screen

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  2. Hello,

    My name is Skylar. I just spent some time digging through your great blog and I found it very engaging. I’m contacting you to ask if you are interested in blog post sponsorship.

    If you are, please e-mail me back and I will send you pricing details, guidelines and processes. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Skylar Sinclaire

  3. That’s interesting! I haven’t updated my blogs yet but I will soon..Thanks for sharing your ideas,Amor! Btw, check my blog. I am doing a new contest that you can win for $$$;-)

    See yah!

  4. I tried upgrading to WP 2.5 but after more than a day, I still couldn’t log in to my admin panel. A message says database needs to be upgraded. It did say to be patient but I guess I became impatient because I wanted to post on my blog. When I couldn’t wait anymore, I reverted back to 2.3.3 and I did not have any problem at all.

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  5. Skylar, thanks for the info, emailed you already.

    Yen, ang dami mong ideas na pacontest ah!, at ang prices, hindi basta-basta huh! 🙂

    Rino thanks for the visit and welcome to my blog, I’ve only tried WP 2.5 in my PC thru my local WP install. I didn’t have problems with it naman. I am still waiting for Fantastico. I’m so tamad to update it manually kasi haha.

  6. Amor, mabuti’t nakita mo rin kung paano i-customize ang log-in page sa 2.5, hehee, magaling ka talaga mangbutingting, friend, pagdating sa wp.

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  8. I am really curious if this would work as smoothly with the new WordPress 3.0 that is going to be released in the following days. Have you tried it with the latest release candidate or do you have any news about that? Thank you.

    • Yes it will, Albert. I'm testing WP 3.0 in my local install. I also have a forthcoming post about Customizing WordPress login without a plugin. Similar to this but it won't be overwritten after each upgrade.