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Glenn’s Blogspot URL Checker

My friend Glenn created a Blogspot Checker that checks multiple Blogspot URL’s availability. This is a great tool if you want to create several blogs in (Blogspot) and not sure if your desired URLs are still available. So check this out! 🙂

Glenn’s Blogspot Checker

There’s no need to add blogspot at the url, just type your desired url, submit and presto! You can see whether it’s already taken (X) or still available (B). This Blogspot checker can check a maximum of 10 Blogspot URLs.

I tested this Blogspot URL Availability Checker and here are the results:
Blogspot Checker query

Blogspot Checker Result

If your desired URL is already taken just like my queries above, you still have an alternative. Alter the URL a little bit by adding some hyphen, or by adding an extra word to an already taken Blogspot URL.

5 thoughts on “Glenn’s Blogspot URL Checker

  1. Are you seriously thinking to start a recipes blog amor?

    Shanker Bakshi’s last blog post…
    Blogging Is Not Really As Sensational As It Seems

  2. You’re welcome Glenn. Burger, Burger!

    Shanker, I’m not really thinking to start a recipes blog, was just testing the blogspot checker. But come to think of it why not, maybe when I’m not super busy.. 🙂

    Amor’s last blog post…
    Glenn’s Blogspot Checker