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Why the Fuss About the List?

You really can’t please everybody. And I don’t intend to please anyone either. I’m just quite irritated about the comment I read in my hometown’s site. I am administering, updating that site, so I have all the right to feel this… haha!

Well, there’s a professional list page on the site wherein professionals from our island province are listed. I wasn’t the one who authored the page which was created on 1998, but as of now, I’m the one in charge in updating it. Since I’m using WordPress in managing the site, I used the ‘power’ of the comment section so my kababayan can submit their names and courses. Then, I would add them in the list, though not immediately. It depends on my ‘schedule’. 😀

I don’t expect to receive a comment that praises or flatters me. I also don’t mind if the comment is constructive. Although I’m grateful to those who submitted their names and those who commended the laborious task in updating the list, I can’t help but be annoyed when I read the latest comments.

Just recently there are two or three people commenting that the list is unfair to those professionals who are not listed there. Even mentioning that it is space consuming, that there’s not enough computer space if all who graduated then and now would be listed.

Why unfair? Why the fuss about the list? Was it my fault, our fault that their names were not listed there? Will they become less of a person if they’re not in the list? We don’t know all their names and professions. If they want their names, or their friends and relatives’ names to be included there, they’re all free to submit their names and courses. So easy!

If updating the list is space consuming, it’s my problem not theirs. Not enough computer space if all will be listed? Tell that to the marines! Hmmp!

5 thoughts on “Why the Fuss About the List?

  1. sis dahan dahan, ang puso remember naka-paste lang ng kanin! 🙂

    deadmatology na lang sa mga ganyang tae err tao pala

  2. Hi Amor, maybe that commenters did not read how to go about it. They thought na ikaw ang naglalagay ng mga names sa list, hehee… They did not realize that the professionals themselves should be the one to submit their names, ano…. Kaya relax ka lang, friend, the fault is not yours. They’re the one making it a problem.

  3. Thanks friend, yun na nga kina-iinis ko, kasi nakikita naman nila na marami ng nagsubmit ng names dun sa comment section. Di na lang mag submit ng names kung gusto nila. Eh kung kilala ko lang ba sya, pwede ko nmn sya ilagay dun kaso nga hindi ko kilala lahat ng taga doon. Dapat daw hindi na lang isa-isahin… eh bakit ba paki nya? e gusto ng iba n ilagay names nila doon eh! walang paki-alamanan dun hehe…. ganun dapat diba?

    Okay lang naman ako friend, hindi naman ako masyadong high blood, asar lang, pero wla na yun…. 😀

  4. GGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR Amor in anger typing this post daxlajdlmjfjvkdsvgklsjflsfj 🙂 Cooool down amor 🙂 there are always few who stand against good things in life…..I read somewhere ” I Don’t know the key to the success, but the key to the failure is to please everybody” so you can’t please everyone as you said.

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