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Psychic Readings

Have you ever tried signing up in an email reading or prediction? I did, precisely 8 years ago. On February 2000, I stumbled upon I’m not really into psychic, fortune teller and the likes, I just want to try and test their so-called readings. I don’t remember exactly how the reading was done. Was it through tarot card, astrology? I could hardly remember!

I printed the email reading they sent me,  so someday I could read it and look back if the predictions came true.

My Question: What’s my future regarding my love life and career?

Here’s the answer sent by their psychic named Christi on February 8, 2000.

This year will open the doorway for you to move forwards in your chosen profession. I do see the opportunity in the next 3 months to fine tune your talents and enhance your skills with some new learning. This in itself affords you the ability to bring in increased finances.

Love and relationships in your life, will take on new meaning. The months of April, May & July bring love into a very pleasant place. All the troubles from the past relationships fall away. Bringing a sense of unbridled joy and happiness in everything you do.

Well, in a way, I could say that the prediction was true. The “enhance your skills with some new learning” is about some masteral subjects I took up on first Semester of 2000. About the love life, it’s definitely accurate. I met Francis through MIRC on May 2000 and the rest is history.  🙂

A while ago, I visited 800predict, thought I could try and ask another question. But they’re no longer accepting free email reading. One has to call their numbers for a psychic reading.

How about you? Do you have some experience in psychic readings?

6 thoughts on “Psychic Readings

  1. Fren,

    Ang aga naman ng bloghopping mo, este, late na pala dahil madalas madalinga araw ka nang online. Hahaha!

    Anyway, for me hindi ako naniniwala gano sa psychic reading fren. Although i’m studying one through tarot card reading. i’m looking into the logic of reading the future if there is a certain pattern that governs life processes.

    On the other hand, I believe in destiny. Many times I see people fall into life patterns they never chose and were helpless about it. Kaya nga kung minsan may tinatawag na malas or bwenas, for that matter.

    To sum it up, whether good or bad ang predictions sa kin (pag may nanghuhula), I give it a thought. I focus more on the bad news or prediction so I can plan ahead and avoid it from possibly happening. It’s still best not to ignore signs of accidents (for example) and other negative things that might really happen. Life is uncertain. I just take predictions as warning signs or words of caution.

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  2. I’m a bit afraid of knowing my future. I rely on destiny instead. But my mother prompted to a local psyche before i left Davao, as she wanted to know what would happen to me. It turned out positive and true naman. There are people who can really see the future and it’s just hard not to ignore them.

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  3. how about dream? lol can they explain? lols..
    past few nights i dreamed about bridge lols.. katatlong beses (lol), don’t know what the meaning of this dream. lols..

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  4. Thanks friends for your views regarding psychic reading. I saw my email reading few days ago kaya nabasa ko sya ulit at narealize, tama pala yung reading. Tulad ng sinabi ko, sinubukan ko lang, tutal libre haha. Pero we have a family friend na marunong daw ng palm reading, maraming nagpahula, tama naman daw, pero they can’t convince me to try, ewan ko, takot yta akong malaman kung ano yun.

    Like most of you, I also believe in destiny. If it’s meant to happen, it will. Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be. 😀

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    Psychic Readings

  5. I believe, if somehow by any mean you come to know about your future then it trim down the all the charm and charisma of life. To me, I want my life to be in suspense always, you never know what the life has in its store for you. Nice post btw.