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One Last Time and Laptop for the New Year

One Last Time

One last post for 2009. Tomorrow is another year. Goodbye 2009! Hello 2010! Gosh, I’ll be a year older too! I’m 5 (3+2) and I’ll be 6 (3+3) in less than a month! Can I just turn back the clock?! 🙂

Wishing everyone a prosperous New Year!


I’ll be buying a laptop anytime soon. It’s a birthday present from hubby. One of my closest friends highly recommends ASUS laptops coz of its build quality. In a recent Laptop Reliability Survey by SquareTrade it reveals that ASUS is the most reliable laptop brand.

ASUS as the most reliable laptop manufacturer. Hubby is a Dell Vostro user while my sister is a Sony Viao user

So I think I’ll go for this brand, the K Series especifically. I’ve been reading reviews from users in Tipid PC too and learned that the ASUS K Series is a great bang for your bucks.

But I am undecided on what OS to use. I have Windows XP Pro on my desktop and would like to try another OS. Should I go with Vista or the latest Windows 7? What do you think?

18 thoughts on “One Last Time and Laptop for the New Year

  1. Manigong Bagong Taon, Amor! Sana’y pagpalain tayo sa taong 2010.
    Hahaa, ang galing naman ng age mo ha, ang bata mo pa pala. 🙂

    Korek ka diyan. Even hubby would vouch ASUS for a laptop. Ito ngang model namin na 2002 pa binili ay buhay na buhay pa rin hanggang sa ngayon at ayawa niyang ipamigay or ibenta. Kaya good choice yan. About OS, maybe you should try Windows 7. Mas "ok" daw ito kesa sa Vista. May WinXP ka naman sa desktop mo.

    Lol! I thought of posting about hubby’s gift to me on my b-day, too na nakatatawa, hahaa!

    • OO nga, sana pagpalain tayo ngayong 2010. Noong una dapat 5 and 6 lang ilalagay ko eh pero nilagay ko na rin yung 3+ haha, pra mas malinaw. 😀

      Thanks for the inputs, gusto ko rin talaga i-try ang Windows 7. At curious ako sa birthday gift na yan ha. I wonder what! 😉

  2. Happy New Year!

    I have to bought a new cpu since my old one isn’t working anymore. Good to know that you decide to buy a new computer even if it haven’t died. It is really a pain when your computer died. I haven’t been able to update for weeks.

    btw, mas maganda yung Windows 7 kasi yung Vista ay maraming problema sa incompatibility.

    • My desktop is working fine, will just buy a laptop although I think it's already a luxury on my part haha. It's a gift naman and I also want to have one ever since so why not! 🙂

  3. I'll go for asus or viao. Just don't buy ACER!

    When it comes to OS, if you're not familiar about incompatibility troubleshooting and afraid to try things out, I still recommend XP. I encountered some issue using Adobe cs4 softwares in my windows 7 but I'm still lucky to know how to sort things out. I don't know if there are issues with other softwares.

    Happy new Year! ^_^

    • Bakit, what's with Acer? I can't afford Vaio naman, kahit yung pinaka mura nila, dami ko ng mabibili dun haha. I want to try Windows 7, if ever I'd encounter a problem with incompatibility, I'll ask someone na lang, or better yet, I'll ask you, pwede? 😀

  4. Happy New Year! I suggest windows 7… im using it since the beta was released last year and i am using the N series, and i love it!

  5. Ate Amor, galante ah. Mukhang prosperous ang New Year natin ah.

    Gusto ko pa rin ang XP Pro, pero try Win7, mukhang okay ang OS na yon. Regarding hardware, out of the most popular laptops (DELL, IBM, HP, Acer) na nasubukan ko, pinakagusto ko ang IBM Thinkpad.

    I’ve never tried an Asus yet. Sana di ka mapa-"sus!" sa purchase mo. 😛 Update mo kami. 😉

    • haha, hindi naman masyado Kuya Kiko, slight lang! At napatawa mo ako ha, sna nga hindi ako mapa – "ay sus ginoo" dito hehehe…